Every woman would want a toned and dense breasts to the old. However, in different phases of life make these desires could not be realized. not a few of the women who have problems on her breasts, such as sagging breasts or not toned, not contain and others. Breasts can decrease due to give birth to the baby and breastfeeding.

Causes of Breasts Sagging and how to overcome it

Causes of Female Breast Sagging
Causes of Female Breast Sagging

The older woman’s age also automatically creates the elasticity of the collagen, the connective tissue under the skin decreases, leading to sagging breasts. In fact, according to a study at UCLA found that breast tissue can slack faster of two to three years faster than other networks.

Also consider how Your mother’s breasts, genetic Factors also affect the trend of declining breasts.

But in addition to these factors, some habits proved to be influential to tighten breasts women. In fact, there are some habits that felt no connection can actually make those unwanted things happen.

these ten habits that create your breasts no longer toned.

1. unstable weight

For those of you who follow a particular diet living with consistent. If the weight down up repeatedly could have an impact on your breast tissue. “Every time the body had come down and ride the weight, breast tissue so much slack,” bright breast surgeon and President of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Michael Edwards, MD.

2. Cigarette smoking

Many facts are found the harms of smoking. According to Edwards, smoking make skin age is reduced due to the intake of the blood supply to the skin’s surface is reduced.

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3. not use sunscreen

Exposed to the Sun without sunscreen can use gave rise to early wrinkles, the same thing was happening on the skin of your breasts.

4. not use the right bra

Use of the bra should be tailored to the activity you are doing, if you’re a sports bra for everyday wear and could make Your female assets slack. “The more the breasts bouncing, the stress and makes the skin collagen diminishes,” said Edwards.

In addition, make sure the size of bra you’re wearing are not trapped or the greatness that is able to sustain the breast

5. Sports too often

Although there has been no research that supports this, some experts say the movement is repeated at a time when the sport makes damage collagen on the breast.

6. Childbirth and breastfeeding.

Increasing breast size along with gestational age. The increase in breast made its mass increases. As a result, the stronger the pull down.

7. Bad habits.

Tilting bed can make breast sagging. This can be explained by the theory of Earth’s gravity. On sleep sideways, boobs no buffering at all, except by the Bra. In contrast to sleep on your back, because the breast is a compactly by the body.

8. Diseases.

Diseases such as TB (tuberculosis) or cancer of the breast could result in being small, sagging, or down. This is because viruses and malignant cells that damage the body’s organs.

9. Lack of nutrition.

Although the consumption of nutritious foods more useful for skin tightening, this factor is very important. Diseases such as Tuberculosis or cancer can arise due to lack of nutrition. Foods such as cabbage, soya beans, soy milk, and garlic is great for preventing breast cancer.

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10. rough Treatment.

Every inch of our bodies should be subtly treated, especially the breast. Rough treatment such as wringing too strong, largely determine the beauty of boobs. Also, when we are using Bra makes boobs pressed, squeezed, and others.

How to tighten sagging breasts:

  • Start doing breast care since a young age on a regular basis to tighten the breast so that until the preserved old breast health.
  • Choose a bra that fit with breast size so there is no greatness or trapped.
  • Apply the pattern for a healthy life by consuming nutritious foods that contain lots of vegetable protein is so good for maintaining breast health and breast firming.
  • Diligent doing sports regularly and keep the breast to tighten the breast remains solid and contains.

That’s the sagging breasts cause factor and how to overcome it. May be useful and be input for those who like to always look good to always keep breast firmness.

10 Habits Causes of Female Breast Sagging
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