Using lipstick as one way Redden lips cannot provide a durable effect. In addition to helping maintain the beauty of lips, try how to Redden the lips are naturally also can reduce the use of lipstick.

Ways Redden Lips Naturally
Ways Redden Lips Naturally

The black lips are a problem for your beauty. Usually it is caused by a factor of disease and also cosmetic lipstick that gives the side effects less well, sun exposure, smoking, often biting lips and caffeine.

Here’s 3 ways Redden┬áLips naturally

1. Tooth Brush and Paste

The First Way

Apply white toothpaste, with notes of toothpaste does not contain substances that are hard enough. Leave it on for a night. In the morning, wash your mouth.

The Second Way

Maybe it was a little strange, but it turned out to be an old toothbrush can be beneficial to Redden the lips. The trick, apply lip balm or petroleum jelly on lips. Then, gently massage the lips with your toothbrush for about 10-15 minutes. The results will be directly visible and lips were noticeably softer.

2. Honey

The First Way

Direct use honey with applying to the lips.

The Second Way

Make a mask of the lip. How, heat the water and lemon input. Then, mix in the 2 tbsp water as much as 2 tbsp honey. Apply it on the lips. Let stand for 10-15 minutes, then wash off.

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3. Olive oil

Here’s how:

  • Prepare the olive oil, also a little sugar
  • Mix the two ingredients until evenly
  • Apply the mixed material to your lips
  • Gently rub it with your lips and flush with clean water
  • Do this twice a day, morning and evening so you will get the result.

4. Butter

Butter contains a lot of oil that could help restore moisture oil. How easy the lips Redden with Buttering each evening and before going to bed.

5. Turmeric

Make a paste of turmeric and also mixed with a teaspoon of milk. If the pasta has so you can apply the Paste on your lips.

6. Rose water

Rose water is one of the best alternatives in Redden your lips. It is therefore the same as the turmeric paste you can apply rose water on your lips are black.

7. Almond oil

One of the causes of her black lips you were due to lack of moisture on the lips. Almond oil is one of the excellent material in restoring moisture to the lips that would be able to influence the color of the lips are black become red again.

8. Glycerin

You can massage your lips by using glycerin so that red lips that you expect will come back bit by bit. Glycerin is one of the ingredients that can Redden the lips that are usually present in cosmetics.

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9. Yogurt

You can mix the yogurt, honey and can be used to rub it on your lips.

10. Lemon and Sugar Scrub

Dead skin cells will also be the cause of your lips blackened, you can make sugar scrubs and lemon for the lips smeared on can raise your dead skin cells. Dead skin cells are rapidly taken up by the scrub herb.

11. The Avocado

If some of the ingredients above, can’t you get, you can also use the avocado. Combine 50 grams already crushed avocado, and 2-3 drops of olive oil. Use the mixture to massage your lips and give lukewarm water to rinse.

11 Powerful Ways Redden Lips Naturally
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