The was not just a matter of man, wife also a protest about this issue. The is not durable, made his wife so less satisfied and have yet to reach a climax.\n

Foods make erections longer


Foods Make Erections Longer
Foods Make Erections Longer
\n\nErections are actually influenced by various things, ranging from a less healthy lifestyle, lack of sleep, drink alcohol, stress and work pressure and so on.\n\nMake men are also less comfortable as well as lose confidence while on a bed. However, it is your duty as a wife helps husband. By giving some of these foods, erection problems can be overcome husband.\n\nIn addition to increased hormones, foods also claimed could help maintain an erection longer due to the womb that can increase blood flow to the genital parts. Curious? the following list of foods makes erections longer, as quoted Boldsky\n

1. The Onion

\nOnion serves to help thin the blood. The more dilute the blood volume will increase. Increasing the volume of blood that can help you get an erection strong and last long. Allicin is an antioxidant that is commonly found in the onion and garlic. Help thin the blood and make blood circulation more smoothly to full erection.\n

2. Cayenne pepper and nutmeg seeds

\nHerbs like cayenne pepper and nutmeg seeds contain androgenic which encourages sexual desire and improve the function of gender men.\n

3. Coffee

\nToo much coffee is not healthy. However, there is no denying the fact that caffeine could push energy that can make you and your partner last longer in bed. Coffee has a stimulant called caffeine, its function is to help the heart pump blood faster. And it serves also as a erection to erection, and adrenaline is more powerful.\n

4. Salmon

\nOmega 3-rich fish such as salmon, can help improve blood circulation.\n

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5. Chocolate

\nDark chocolate is one of the best aphrodisiac foods that you need to consume before making love.\n


6. Cherry

\nCherries are rich in anthocyanin that protects the arteries the heart thus preventing atherosclerosis. Cherries can help clear arteries. That is, this fruit can make sure if Your blood supply smoothly up to .\n

7. Oysters

\nOysters contain zinc and vitamin B6, which is beneficial for the production of testosterone in the body. If you don’t like oysters, try nuts as his successor. If the shells, some of you may already know. The content of Zinc, these important nutrients needed to produce testosterone in the body.\n

8. Bananas

\nPotassium content in bananas can credibly maintain a healthy heart and increase blood circulation. With a smooth blood circulation, the erection will be stronger and longer.\n

9. Pomegranate

\nPomegranate is literally loaded with iron, which helps the production of red blood cells in the body. The more blood you have, the more the penis will erect stronger and durable.\n

10. Watermelon

\nWatermelon can widen blood vessels so that more blood is being pumped to Your genitals.\n

11. Green tea

\nGreen tea is full of antioxidants that are healthy that dispense free radicals from your body. In addition to mind refreshing green tea also helps you achieve better satisfaction point.\n

12. Red wine

\nThis one alcoholic drink, but it can serve as a remedy when consumed is not excessive. Red wine helps the production of nitric acid in the body.\n\nNitric acid alone can extend the reach of the blood vessels, so it would make a maximum erection. Red wine, rich in Resveratrol, an antioxidant that helps in the production of nitric oxide. These compounds will help expand the blood vessels in the penis and heart. Drink two glasses of the maximal before making love.\n

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13. Strawberry

\nLike oysters, strawberry as a popular aphrodisiac can also help maintain an erection as well as maintain the artery cleaner. Ensure that the blood vessels are not clogged and circulation smoothly.\n

14. The egg

\nThe egg is one of the best foods for men containing zinc. Testosterone cannot be produced without the zinc. And to make a long lasting erection, testosterone should not be missed.\n

15. Chili

\nChili had the capcaisin helps open arteries so as to make the blood flow more smoothly. The consumption of spicy food will make blood vessels expand. The same thing happened in the penis. Chili consumption will make a lot of blood flowing into the penis and make blood vessels expand so help erection.\n

16. A walnut.

\nCanary seed is rich in omega 6 fatty acids and arginine. Both of these nutrients triggers the production of nitrogen oxide, which can make the blood vessels to relax and the blood flow more smoothly\n

reducing sugar.

\nAccording to the study, the diabetes affects the risk of erectile dysfunction. Therefore, consuming a little sugar helps the erection process run better. In addition, avoid eating a lot of salt in order not to experience hypertension.\n\nSupport the husband emotionally is also not less important in addition to support through food. Be a sprightly and intelligent wife to help overcome the problems of her husband.

16 Foods Make Erections Longer
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