Running can be a healthy lifestyle choice for many benefits. While you’re running, then almost all parts of your body moving.

Benefits of Running for Health
Benefits of Running for Health

Running is one of the easiest types of sports and cheap costs. Running requires no special equipment and also a special place because of the run can be done anywhere. Although running is a sport that is cheap does not mean running sports have few benefits for the health of our body. Thus the run has many benefits for your health.

Running turns out to have many benefits, especially for women. Susan Paul, physical coach and program director Orlando Track Shack Foundation advise not to do this activity for a full week, but just six times in a week and gives the time one day to restore the muscles of the body.

The benefits of running for health:

1. Lose weight

Walking is indeed aimed at keeping your body weight while running it to trim more weight so that creating a decrease in large numbers. Here’s the cardio exercises can burn calories and also helps speed up metabolism.

2. Good for the knees

Some problems such as arthritis could be attacking you. This is caused due to lack of metabolism in the muscles. Do running every day is the right action to take care of her. Not only keep your body shape, but ran even know can help keep joints properly lubricated and free of pain.

3. Healthy Heart

Running on a regular basis can ensure a reduction in the amount of bad cholesterol in your body. With the run you will draw a breath in deeply and put lots of oxygen into the body. This will be a good exercise for the heart and keep the body remained energetic.

4. Stress Relief

Running will provide a sense of freedom and can take you to different places. This is why running outdoors is viewed as one of the anti-depressant.

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5. Increase the Concentration

When running, you concentrate on the road that were previously impassable. This makes many runners believe that by running the same as doing meditation. Because it is believed to be able to improve their concentration.

6. Reduce the risk of disease

Running was supposed to be able to reduce the risk of health-threatening such as cancer, obesity, and asthma. In general became a runner can make you become healthier.

7. Improve Stamina

Running can increase the power of your lungs. Many human lung using only about a quarter of its capacity. Well, when running, the lungs inflate and work harder. This will make you breathe better and improve the stamina.

8. Increase the durability of the body

Proven in a study that the running is done on a regular basis will increase the resilience of the body. You will be inevitable from allergies, coughs, flu, too.

9. Accelerate the brain works.

A good blood circulation while running will make a lot of oxygen in body tissues, including the brain

10. Healthy skin

The women must be very concerned with the beauty of the skin, and running is the solution. Dermatologists explains that exercise Running up toxins in the body, so the fat loss occurs on the skin and makes it look healthy and toned

11. Reduce menstrual pain

Are you a woman who is having a menstrual period? Don’t worry, because with this sport can reduce discomfort during menstruation. When a woman was doing a sport, run, then the body will automatically bring up the endorphins, which are the hormones in the human body that can make them happy and the relief of pain due to menstruation.

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12. healthy life Habits

Women who are accustomed to exercising slowly will lead a healthy lifestyle habits, such as reducing the fast food, no smoking, no alcohol, rather than taking any unfamiliar exercise. When this habit has become a lifestyle, then it will provide benefits to anyone, including the nearby neighborhood as relatives and friends.

13. Prevent Brain shrinkage

Reserving a little of your time after working with an exercise. According to j. Carson Smith, PhD, Assistant Professor at the University of Maryland, Running is able to stimulate the nerve cells, such as neurogenesis, and blood vessels that are capable of preventing the occurrence of brain shrinkage, called angiogenesis

14. Prevent Breast cancer

Diverse research gives an overview by doing the running, a woman can produce a good body resistance, thus lowering the risk of getting a disease or breast cancer attacks.

15. Reduce the risk of diabetes.

Running cut the risk of You suffer from diabetes by up to half of it.

16. Good night’s sleep.

After running, then muscle your body tired and sends a signal to rest. This is good for those of you who experience sleep disturbances, because You will be sleeping soundly.

16 Great Benefits of Running for Health
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