Many men are not aware if the usual everyday behavior they do can decrease sperm quality. Some of them and maybe including you don’t even understand how do I know the characteristics of healthy sperm.\n

16 Habits Can Lower the quality of Your Sperm


Habits Can Lower Sperm Count
Habits Can Lower Sperm Count
\n\nAlthough not all infertility or impairment of fertility known cause, there are some factors that can decrease fertility strongly suspected, for example, drugs, the environment, disease, until the disruption of reproductive organs.\n\nSome particular habit is also known to lower the number and quality of sperm. For example cycling, which can put pressure on the testicles, which produce sperm. Pressure on the penis will cause numbness and interfere with the ability of an erection.\n\nSome of you may already know us that fertility relies heavily on us with the ability to live healthy. The problem is, there are some common habits that we often do that may reduce sperm count.\n

16 things can disturb the fertility of men:


1. Wear Sunscreen

\nUse sunscreen in the Sun can actually protect it against skin cancer, but it also potentially damaging fertility. A new study from a Longitudinal investigation of Fertility and the Environment (LIFE) discovered that chemicals that are commonly found in sunscreen can impair the fertility of men by 30 percent.\n\nResearch mentions, when the skin absorbs chemicals that filters, UV rays, such as BP-2 or 3OH-BP, it may interfere with hormones.\n

2. Eating processed meats

\nTrying to conceive? Don’t think of eating processed meats. A recent study found that processed meats, such as sausage or meat, can significantly harm the sperm quality.\n\nThe researchers from Harvard University found that men who ate half a serving of processed meat a day have abnormal sperm cells 5.5 percent compared with 7.2 percent less consuming. Instead, they found that the fish is the secret to better sperm.\n

3. Watching TV

\nA study from the British Journal of Sports Medicine asserts that men are often watching TV tend to have fewer sperm than men who work out a lot of activity each week.\n\nThe guy who sits in front of the TV for 20 hours a week had a sperm count 44 percent lower than men who rarely watch.\n

4. no sex

\nA study conducted at Soroka University Medical Center in Israel found that no sexual intercourse also cause sperm ‘ stale ‘ in other words, the number of sperm will also be less than those who have sex regularly.\n

5. Depression

\nStress not only interfere with fertility, but physical health as well. If he’s anxious because of work or whatever else, stress or depression can lead to quality and quantity of sperm is less good. Connection, stress can interfere with testosterone production.\n

6. Consuming soy

\nA study in 2008 by the Harvard School of Public Health revealed that half servings of soy per day are enough to jeopardize the male sperm production. Isoflavones found in soy products actually mimics estrogen.\n

7. Using a laptop and mobile phone

\nThe researchers warned that the heat generated from laptops can raise the temperature in the scrotum and reduced sperm production.\n\nIn 2008, a study revealed a strong link between cell phone use and sperm count. Researchers unravel, the people who spoke for four hours or more have fewer sperm.\n

8. Become a vegetarian

\nResearchers at Loma Linda University Medical School found that vegetarians and vegans have lower sperm count or around 50 million sperm per ml in comparison with Carnivore with 70 million per ml.\n\nWhy is it so? researchers surmise, this is caused due to deficiency of vitamin man and animal protein.\n

9. Smoke

\nThis is one bad habit that triggers male infertility. The content of nicotine and tobacco in cigarettes damage sperm and reduce the amount.\n

10. Weight loss

\nWeight also needs to be a major concern. Not only leads to worse health overall, excess body weight can affect your fertility too. Obesity triggers abnormal hormonal changes that cause infertility.\n

11. Steroids

\nTo get a hefty body shape, often a man using an instant way, namely by injecting steroid. In fact, this is one of the triggers of infertility that is not suspected.\n

12. hot bath

\na hot bath might give a sense of comfort and relax, but also trigger infertility. This is because the hot water on sperm will damage the testes. Research shows, routinely sat in the sauna also gives the same effect.\n

13. Alcohol

\nAlcohol decreases testosterone production, so that the effect on the decrease in sperm count.\n

14. tight panties

\nTight panties make sense of heat on the testicle affects sperm count and fertility. Too often wear tight pants are not good for the skin and sperm count. By using the tights, the temperature of the scrotum is producing sperm, will increase. As a consequence will not be maximum sperm production can even kill the existing sperm\n

15. The biker

\nA man who frequently rode motorcycles for more than 6 hours in a day to raise the temperature of the scrotum, potentially. The scrotum is hot can kill sperm because these cells do not put up with extreme temperatures.\n

16. Illegal drugs

\nPeople who become addicted to illegal drugs, such as marijuana, are more likely to experience a decline in sperm count and erectile dysfunction. (via: boldsky/yourtango)

16 Habits Can Lower Sperm Count
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