Aloe Vera is a versatile plant. A piece of Aloe Vera was able to treat problem skin, hair, and a host of other benefits for the health of our body.\n\n

Benefits of Aloe Vera for Health and Beauty
Benefits of Aloe Vera for Health and Beauty
\n\nIn addition, when Aloe Vera is mixed with a few drops of alcohol, can be used to clean hands. And of course, there are many other benefits of Aloe Vera should be known.\n\nAloe Vera is a plant that is quite unique because it contains a variety of biological active compounds, such as acetic mannans, polymannans, antrakuinon, and the wide range of lectin. Aloe Vera also contains about 75 kinds of substances that have been known for rewarding and more than 200 other compounds that make it worthy of use in herbal medicine.\n\nThe substances, including enzymes that help digestion and reduce inflammation, all kinds of vitamins except vitamin D, minerals that are needed for the function of the enzyme, a long chain sugar to balance the digestive system again; Saponins which functions as an anti-microbial, and 20 of 22 types of amino acids.\n

The benefits of Aloe Vera


1. Detoxification

\nAloe Vera juice is a natural toxin neutralizer, but also contain a variety of vitamins and minerals that help the body cope with stress in everyday life.\n\nAloe Vera is ready to help expel the toxins from the body, the way is drinking the juice of the aloe Vera gel every day. In addition, content of antioxidants on this plant can ward off free radicals and prevent aging.\n

2. Digestive Disorders.

\nAloe Vera is useful, especially in the case of stomach and intestinal irritation heat and peptic ulcers. Aloe Vera is known to soothe the esophageal acid reflux and resolve.\n

3. Oral health

\nAloe Vera is very beneficial to the mouth and gums, especially in repairing the cracked gum.\n

4. Skin care

\nIts function also removes pimples, skin moisturizing, detoxification of the skin, removal of scars and marks, reduce inflammation, as well as repair and rejuvenation of the skin.\n

5. Diabetes

\nHalf spoon of Aloe Vera juice provided for 14 weeks shown to reduce blood sugar levels by 45 percent.\n

6. Treating Hemorrhoids

\nPrepare half of Aloe Vera trunk and two spoons of honey and a half cup of boiled water. Then grate the Aloe Vera, then add honey and half cup of boiled water on a grater last until blended, then stir and strain to take the waters. Drink this concoction three times a day.\n

7. Help bowel movement

\nAloe LaTeX contains antrakuinon glycosidesaloin A and B which are useful as a strong laxative.\n

8. Keep your weight

\nAloe Vera juice has been used for years to lose weight.\n

9. Immunity

\nAloe Vera is full of antioxidants that counter the free radicals to boost the immune system.\n

10. Accelerates wound healing

\nwounds that are new should be quickly dealt with, try using Aloe Vera gel directly on a wound that has been cleaned. Feel the coolness on the part, besides pains will disappear gradually.\n

11. Get Rid Of Acne

\nTake the only Aloe Vera, then halve, then grab the resin or the slime contained therein. Apply on the affected facial acne or less for 15-20 minutes, then rinse with warm water. do this 1 times a day.\n

12. Remove The Black Flecks

\nWash your face with clean water, after payment cleared, take Aloe Vera jelly, and then clear the mucus, and apply to the face and leave on for 30 minutes. After that clean your face with clean water and pat dry. Do at least 2 times a day in a row and routine.\n

13. Healthier Lashes

\nBefore going to bed or while being relaxed, wash your eyelashes to be free of chemicals such as mascara. Then take the Aloe Vera jelly and apply it gently and slowly on the eyelashes, leave it on for 30 minutes then wash with water until clean. Do with routine to get a perfect result.\n

14. The dandruff

\nAloe Vera can help reduce itching and dandruff. Aloe Vera can also be used for the treatment of the hair before shampooing.\n

15. Smoothes Hair

\nHair that is dry due to vitamin deficiency can be overcome by utilizing the slime on Aloe Vera. When doing this, make sure the hair treatment gel on the scalp thoroughly. Gradually, the hair is more delicate and not easy to dry.\n

16. Moisturize Hair

\nThe Use Aloe Vera extract can moisturize the hair strands that are easily styled with a comb after shampooing or cream bath. If there is free time, try to make the juice of the aloe Vera gel, not to drink but slathered the scalp. To do routine daily 2 times each treatment only takes 20 min 20s.\n

17. Prevent Baldness

\nOther benefits of Aloe Vera for hair is to prevent the onset of baldness and grow hair faster, sometimes also able to eliminate gray hair. Baldness occurred due to weak and thin hair so it’s easy to fall out and gradually so bald.\n\nApply Aloe Vera juice or mucus on the scalp and the hair thoroughly, make sure that the layer of gel is not too thick. After that let it stick for 1/4 hours, the last clean with shampoo.\n

18. Shaving gel

\nInstead of using a gel made from chemical to clean the beard, with the use of Aloe Vera gel just has the same benefits. In addition, Aloe Vera can be made natural moisturizer due to anti inflammatory content.\n

19. improve health

\nYou can make Aloe Vera as a natural mouthwash by mixing some Aloe Vera spoon with water. Aloe Vera has a trait that can strengthen teeth and protect them from damage.\n

20. The health of the stomach

\nAloe Vera contains compounds laxative such as Alon, aloe-emodin, barbaloin guarding the movement of the intestine. Drinking Aloe Vera juice helps treat digestive disorders such as acid reflux, bloating, indigestion and flatulence.\n

21. Calming asthma

\nAre you asthmatic? You can mix the gel of Aloe fruit in boiling water and inhale the steam. A number of bitter tastes compound capable of reducing inflammation and mucus production which is lower.\n




  • Aloe Vera should not be used while being pregnant and during menstruation, because it can unleash a menstruation.
  • \n

  • In addition to that in people who have diseases of the spleen should avoid consuming Aloe Vera.
  • \n

  • If you want to combine it with other plants, Aloe Vera should not be boiled, but made a pill or powder.
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21 Amazing Benefits of Aloe Vera for Health and Beauty
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