The of green tea have been known for thousands of years ago were indeed to be of interest for researchers\n\n

Benefits of Green Tea for Health and Beauty
Benefits of Green Tea for and Beauty
\n\nThis is related to the results of the study showed that green tea is a tea which contains catechins are higher in antioxidants than black tea or Oolong tea. The antioxidant has been researched can provide some health benefits.\n\nA Pennsylvania State University study published in the journal Molecular Nutrition and Food Research found that green tea can kill cancer cells of the mouth and enhance the healthy cells.\n\nOral cancer and its relationship with green tea was first associated in a 2002 study found that green tea can induce death of cancer cells, and the researchers suggested that regular consumption of green tea because it can be beneficial in the prevention of cancer of the mouth.\n\nIn addition to having a delicious taste of green tea was also famous for having lots of benefits which serve to maintain the health of the body.\n

Green tea benefits for health and beauty:


1. beneficial for the brain

\nThe main amino acid in green tea called tannin (L-theanine) is also effective in stimulating the brain’s electrical activity to generate alpha waves in the brain. This mechanism was able to elicit the feeling of relaxing and mental alertness as obtained from meditation, within 30-40 minutes after consuming green tea.\n\nOther studies have also found that theanin in green tea can work synergistically with caffeine to stimulate the activity of brain cells. The researchers found that 100 milligrams of theanin obtained from the 4 cups of green tea are powerful enough to make you focus your mind on complicated tasks in front of eyes.\n\nPrevent Alzheimer\n\nAlzheimer’s is a disease that attacks the brain and the influence of the patient can be hard to remember and reducing the power of concentration. The cause is damage to cells in the brain that makes the brain seem to constrict and shrink, this disorder is usually associated with the elderly aged over 60 years.\n\nPrevent Parkinson’s\n\nIn addition, another brain disease, Alzheimer’s can also be prevented by green tea, such as Parkinson’s. The antioxidants in green tea are very effective in preventing the occurrence of the damage to the brain cells that leads to the Parkinson’s.\n

2. Maintaining healthy Skin

\nGreen tea can serve kept healthy skin naturally. It is due to green tea can later defend our skin from ultraviolet rays, so indirectly by consuming green tea can often make us avoid of skin cancer. Besides being able to prevent cancers of the skin, green tea is also shown to be able to make our skin not quickly the wrinkles\n

3. Cellular aging

\nA study in China showed that men who consume green tea slower experience premature aging of cells rather than not eating. The researchers think that the antioxidants in green tea were the reason behind it.\n

4. Has the activity of antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties

\nExisting studies have shown that the activity of epigallocatechin gallate in green tea may inhibit the growth of bacteria and viruses that cause disorders such as diarrhea indigestion channels. In addition, it may inhibit the growth of mushrooms so that work can help remedy antifungal.\n

5. Prevent knee porous

\nGreen tea consists of flavonoids that can work against your knees to keep healthy and not porous. They also help to keep bones strong and to avoid permanent damage the cause of rheumatism.\n

6. Prevent bad breath

\nGreen tea has a natural antibacterial that may kill the bacteria live in the mouth causing bad breath.\n\nTo eliminate the bad breath, use green tea to gargle or drinking green tea to help prevent bad breath.\nTry a tea drink, proper viscosity i.e. one tea bag for one cup.\n

7. Get rid eye bags

\nTry to dip a piece of cotton into the solution of green tea that has been brewed and cooled before then paste on eyelid for 10 minutes.\n

8. Avoid The Risk Of Baldness

\nBaldness is caused by continuous hair loss due to the roots or stems of less healthy hair. Here the role of green tea in avoiding the risk of baldness is due to substances found in green tea can make our hair continues to grow and regenerate.\n

9. Clean the acne and oily skin

\nAcne is caused by dirt or oil that sticks to the skin so as to make the skin pores are closed. Dirt and oil that sticks to these pores can be clean by consuming green tea regularly, because there is a substance in green tea antioxidants.\n\nUsing green tea that has been previously frozen, do sweep the Green iced tea on areas of the face slowly and evenly in each day.\n\nTo get rid of acne, you can try it out with acne with tea bag compresses an unused or use mask green tea blended egg white.\n

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10. Hair Care

\nSo that the hair can be stronger, healthier, and shine, use green tea, which has deposited overnight without sugar, and then rub the green tea water on the entire section of hair.\n\nleave it on for 15 minutes, then rinse with shampoo. The content of pathenol in green tea was able to reduce the hair breaking and branching.\n

11. Strengthen and Brighten Dull Nails

\nGreen tea has nutrients that can create strong and healthy nails, and nail color can eliminate the dullness. To remove yellowish on the nail polish, soak in a solution of green tea once a week.\n

12. Weight Loss Drink

\nGreen tea will help process the body’s natural metabolism and help burn fat to accumulate in the abdomen, thighs, arms and parts that easily accommodate body fat. Regular consumption of green tea per day to burn up to 70 calories in a single day and helps up to 7 kg in one year. Although a bit, you can combine the with regular exercise and avoiding fatty .\n

13. Preventing Diabetes

\nGreen tea has the ability to regulate the content of sugar levels in the blood. For the diabetics very often recommend in-often consume green tea.\n


14. Green tea can reduce the risk of cancer

\nGreen tea may play a role in the body as an antioxidant that is 100 times more powerful than vitamin C and 24 times more effective than vitamin e. This function will sustain your body avoid or protected from the disease caused by the growth of cancer cells.\n

15. Green tea can prevent heart disease

\nJapan green tea helps prevent damage to the heart and stroke in people who have hypertension. Of course with lower cholesterol levels without reducing the amount of good cholesterol in the body. In addition, tea this privilege is to reduce the mortality rate due to heart damage by accelerating the recovery process of the cells of the heart.\n

16. protects against free radicals

\nGreen tea is one of the Japan ’s beauty secrets, though the age old skin and body doesn’t look like old people who are in our country. That’s because the content of antioxidants known as polyphenols in green tea protects against free radicals. So help you fight aging and increase longevity.\n

17. reduce risk of Rheumatoid Arthritis

\nRheumatoid arthritis or arthritis is a disease that occurs when the immune system attacks itself, causes inflammation for a long time in the joint. Green tea can help you avoid the risk of developing the disease because some of the content in the tea may protect against cartilage damage by blocking the enzymes that damage the cartilage.\n

18. Strengthen Bones

\nIn addition to the diseases of joints and bones, green tea is also believed by experts as an herbal alternative to strengthen and maintain bone density. This is due to the high content of fluoride found in green tea that helps maintain bone density per day.\n

19. Lowering Cholesterol Levels

\nGreen tea also helps lower cholesterol levels with more bad cholesterol ratio was lowered and maintain good cholesterol levels commonly referred to in the medical world as HDL Cholesterol (High Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol).\n

20. prevent Obesity

\nGreen tea can prevent obesity by stopping the movement of glucose in fat cells. If you are running a healthy diet with green tea consumption and get used to exercise every morning can help the success of Your weight loss program.\n

21. Prevent Diabetes

\nGreen tea is an herbal health drink that can prevent an increase in blood sugar levels in people who have diabetes or not. Drink herbal tea routine from Japan will neutralize the glucose levels in the blood and balance the body’s metabolic rate.\n

22. prevent liver damage

\nGreen tea will weaken the transplantation in patients with liver failure. Research shows that green tea can destroy harmful free radicals that settles in the fatty liver.\n

23. Prevent Hypertension

\nDrinking green tea will help lower blood pressure and position it on a figure who stabilized (neutral) to suppress angiotensin, trigger increase in blood pressure.\n

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24. treat food poisoning

\nFood poisoning is caused by harmful bacteria in food. From the results of research on green tea, have found a compound catechins that kill bacteria that get into the body because of unhealthy food in other words eradicate toxins that cause food poisoning.\n

25. enhance the immune system

\nAntioxidants known as flavonoids, found in green tea. Flavonoids in collaboration with polyphenols in terms of improving the human immune system so the body are stronger in the fight against bacterial infection or viral disease.\n

26. Treat colds and Flu

\nThe disease often affects the body’s defense mechanism of someone who is vulnerable. Similarly to the previous mentioned actually benefits the herb green tea can increase the body’s defense mechanism meaning might be able to take care of conditions such as colds and the flu also have additional help from a guide to vitamin C.\n

27. treat asthma

\nIf you suffer from asthma and frequent relapse when the situation does not allow, try to immediately warm to drink green tea while relaxing. With so theophyline in green tea will work relaxes muscles that support the bronchial tract, thereby reducing the risk of the worst asthma.\n

28. treat Herpes

\nGreen tea is effective in treating topical interferon Harper. The first step is to compress the herpes skin with warm green tea (use a cloth), then allow 15 minutes and wash cloth. Continue doing this until the skin disease disappears.\n

29. Clean The Ears

\nCan green tea help clean dirty ears. You can soak the cotton ball-like shape of the rounded, then clean the outside of the ear with cotton. If you want to clean the inside of the ears, use a cotton bud and move it gently.\n

30. prevent tooth decay

\nThe teeth If not cleaned regularly, teeth will damage such as holes, crusty and sore teeth. Green tea helps kill the bacteria or viruses that cause many diseases of the teeth. In addition, the water used to rinse the tea can kill the bacteria the causes of bad breath.\n

31. relieve stress

\nIn green tea, there is an amino acid called L-thanine which helps relieve stress and anxiety in a person.\n

32. Green tea can cure Allergies

\nIf you are allergic to something, try drinking green tea to relieve itching caused by it. The study found that EGCG in green tea can reduce or eliminate the itching due to allergies and heal gradually.\n

33. Inhibit The Spread Of The HIV Virus

\nScientists in Japan doing research on green tea EGCG content result that spawn (epigalocatechin gallate) in green tea proves to be capable of stopping the HIV and tie it to the immune cells that are healthy. But it is yet to be ascertained is the absolute truth.\n

Tips For Healthy Drinking Green Tea:

\n1. drink 2-3 cups a day\n\nSubstances contained in green tea are a natural antioxidant substances, consisting of tannins and flavonoids. Therefore, not recommended to consume this drink too often, because it can trigger any poisoning or liver damage. Green tea should be consumed no more than two to three cups a day.\n\n2. avoid drinking green tea as an empty stomach\n\nCaffeine on an empty stomach can cause stomach disorders. You should fill Your belly first, then this tea. You can add honey or lemon in it.\n\n3. avoid drinks green tea after a meal\n\nDrink green tea after a meal can inhibit the absorption of nutrients by the body. Because the caffeine and tannins can dilute the gastric fluid, so that digestion is impaired. We suggest that consumption of green tea 30 – 45 minutes after meal.\n\n4. don’t drink late at night\n\nAvoid consumption of green tea in the evenings, as it can disrupt sleep patterns and increased stress.\n\n5. Get rid of the green tea bag immediately\n\nThe tea bags that have been dyed water is very prone to exposed to microbes, so move Your tea bag immediately when the tea is ready to be served.

33 Benefits of Green Tea for Health and Beauty
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