Female beauty is not just solely derived from cosmetic products containing chemicals in it, because it turns out the woman’s beauty can also be obtained from natural ingredients. One of the natural ingredients that can make a woman’s face becomes more beautiful, fresh and healthy is .

Benefits of Salt water for Facial Beauty
of Salt water for Facial Beauty
Salt may be better known as a food flavor enhancer. Who would have thought such salty gourmet kitchen spice has a number of benefits of beauty? Starting from fight Acne to heal chapped lips, the salt was quite useful for natural beauty care. Treatment using salt is also relatively cheap and easily obtained.\n

What are the benefits of salt water for face?


1. Facial Toner

\nNo need to use the toner from the cosmetic products containing the chemical, because it turns out salt water can also be a natural toner for the skin of your face. One of the benefits of salt water is reducing the excess oil on the face. Where, the excess oil can cause the onset of facial skin problems such as acne and blackheads. Salt water contains substances that can destroy the oil on the face skin. Use salt water as a facial toner regularly, then the problem of oil on the skin of the face will soon be gone.\n


2. Facial Breakouts

\nAcne is one of the most feared of the skin. Acne often attacks that can suddenly appeased by using salt. Bonnie Ndoci an owner of salon Facials by Bonnie says if salt can be used to fight the acne caused by chemicals such as shampoo that causes the allergic reaction on the skin of the face. Salt water is able to provide benefits to of acne on your face. This is due to the salts contained sulfur and potassium that are useful to balance the water in the skin. It also removes the dirt to avoid the emergence of acne. Salt water containing potassium and sulfur that helps keep moisture in the skin. This will help the process of cure acne with removing all impurities and toxins from the skin. The trick is to mix a quarter scoop of salt in a glass of warm water. Then soak the cotton in it. Then place the cotton in the area of acne and wait at least one minute. Salt will reduce the swelling and redness in pimples\n

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3. Facial Steamer

\nFacial with salt water to open the pores on your face. The trick is very simple, heat the salt water in the pot and then navigate to your face while you looked down toward the pot so that steam can salt water stuck in your face. In addition, if salt water is already warm, dip a clean towel to saltwater and then cover your face with the towel. Let stand for 10 minutes and then rinse with cold water. This method will also help make the face look more clean and fresh\n

4. Skin Exfoliator

\nMassage your face with salt water and olive oil. This process can make the skin becomes softer, glowing, supple and shine naturally. Massaging the face skin with salt water and the olive oil will help the process of exfoliation of dead skin. This process will make the skin look shiny naturally. If you routinely do this treatment of wrinkles and fine lines on the face all too will soon be gone.\n

5. Detox

\nSalt has been used as an ingredient of mixed a number of facial treatments at the salon. But if you want to try the salt treatments at home, you can do it with a cup of salt combined with the bathtub contains warm water. Site Beauty Sweety Spot says salt bath for half an hour can help you detoxify and reduce swelling in the body. Salt water can also detoxify everything there is in your face. Wash the face with salt water and then let stand for a few minutes. The salt water helpful for eliminating toxins in your face, removing dead skin cells and makes the face become more fresh.\n

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6. Relieve Puffy Eyes

\nThis turned out to be reliable kitchen spice in relieving swelling if worn as outer treatments. For example, for the eyes, you can mix the salt with warm water to be applied to puffy eyes.\n

7. Relaxed

\nNot only that, it turns out salt water is also beneficial to relieve stress in the sense of yourself. Before going to bed, wipe your face with salt water and then rinse with cold water. The brine can give energy to the skin so the skin of the face to be more fresh and taste any stress disappear.\n

8. Gargle Fluid

\nKatherine Dorn turns out many utilizing the salt as a beauty routine. Not only for the face or hair, but also to the mouth. In order to breathe fresher and cleaner mouth and teeth, it uses a mixture of water, salt, baking soda as liquid gargle naturally.

8 Benefits of Salt water for Facial Beauty
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