Black knee quite annoying, especially if you are fond of wearing shorts above the knee or hot pants. Therefore, how to lighten dark knees into one thing that in the search for a lot of people.\n\n

Easy Ways to Lighten Dark Knees Naturally
Easy Ways to Lighten Dark Knees Naturally
\n\nHow to naturally whiten the skin area of the knee and elbow are black and colored darker than other parts of the body it’s not impossible. Skin care by wearing a skin Whitener remedy often forgo these enclosed areas.\n\nWhy Is Skin Colored Black Elbows And Knees As Well As Dark?\n


  • Dark black color on the knee and the elbow caused by a layer of skin, which is thicker than in other parts of the body. The thicker layer, mean more melanin (skin pigment) thus making the skin look dull.
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  • Fewer oil glands also became the cause of the knee is drier than the skin on other parts. How to whiten the natural knee was always applying moisturizer, skin in those areas of the body.
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\nHow to brighten a dark knee? It turns out there are materials that can be used at home as a way of illuminating dark knees.\n

How To Whiten Elbows And Knees Quickly


1. Onion

\nYes, the onions can be a natural ingredients to lighten dark knees. Prepare one shallot and garlic. Mash until smooth, then mix. Apply to the skin and massage the knee, then let sit for 10-15 minutes.\n

2. Olive Oil

\nOlive oil is useful for keeping the damaged skin. Heat a teaspoon of olive oil, then the massage-massage of the skin of the knee. Doing it this way three times a week and before going to bed at night.\n

3. Oatmeal Scrub

\nOatmeal is good for maintaining healthy skin. Oatmeal scrub is quite powerful to brighten dark knees. Mix two teaspoons of oatmeal with cream. If there is no cream, you can use honey instead. Mix well until dough is shaped like a paste and apply on the knees and let stand for 2 minutes. After pervasive enough, scrub with slowly to disappear and wipe with clean water.\n

4. Lemon and Honey

\nThe juice of a lemon mixed with one teaspoon of honey can be a way of illuminating dark knees. Apply the mixture to your knees, then let sit for 15-20 minutes. Then, wipe with water. For maximum results, repeat this way at least 1-3 weeks.\n

5. sugar scrubs

\nWell, this one’s definitely material very easy you can get. Fine grain on the sugar can be used to remove the dark color on the knees and elbows. Other benefits are the nutrients which content can be used to moisturize skin. How is very easy, you can dissolve it first in water and then over at the knee and your elbow. Do this 1 times in a day to get maximum results and certainly fast.\n

6. Whitening using Turmeric

\nTurmeric has many benefits in between can be used for treatments or to whiten dark skin. Not only that, turmeric can also soften and smoothes rough skin and makes the skin turn yellow skin that had been dark or black.\nHow to use it by taking the egg white and mix it with two drops of olive oil and lemon.\n\nNext, add the Saffron that has been crushed. And the last brush on knees and elbows can then with clean water.\n

7. coconut oil

\nHow to use it by means of applying coconut oil and massage on the elbows and knees are dark for 5 minutes. Let sit for a while and then wash off with water. And it could be the way to mix coconut oil with a few drops of lemon juice to get a whiter skin.\n

8. Yogurt

\nHow to use this with Yogurt mixed with a few drops of vinegar will be a natural herb to whiten the knees and elbows. Then mix it apply on your elbows and knees. Then leave it on for 15 minutes, then rinse\n

9. Sunblock

\nAfter taking care of skin elbows and knees with the ingredients, the baseball thing less important is applying sunblock on skin elbows and knees every time will be active in the sunshine so the dead skin cells contained in that section baseball easy burning and so dark.

9 Easy Ways to Lighten Dark Knees Naturally
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