Not all good food have an effect both of our bodies. In fact, some types of food could make our face look older.\n\n

Food and Drinks that Make You Look Old
Food and Drinks that Make You Look Old
\n\nIt not only can cause your weight gain. A nutritionist, Jaime Mass. says, some types of food and drinks, but also could make a quick skin wrinkle so that the appearance looks older.\n\nThere are two reasons why this is so. First, some foods can cause inflammation and free radical damage in the body that can damage the skin, just like when you’re basking in the Sun and smoking.\n\nSecond, according to Samantha b. Conrad, MD from Northwestern Medicine health system clinician in dermatology, if you eat foods that are not good for the skin, these foods can not reduce damage to skin cells to make you look younger.\n\nUnwittingly, not only notable products are able to change the condition of your skin. But the food and drinks has considerable influence for beauty of your skin.\n\nWrong choosing foods and beverages can make the skin becomes healthier and tend to make the face look older. What are some foods and beverages that can make you look older?\n

Food and drinks can make your face look older


1. Sugar

\nFor those of you who love to consume food and drink sweet, beware. So, sugar levels in the body can create the appearance you look five years older than those who rarely consume sugar. Control the content of sugar in the body not only makes your exposed to the disease of diabetes but also avoids you look older.\n\nExcess sugar in the body is not good for health. When the sugar in the blood is bound to proteins, it will form a protein that is not beneficial or is known for its advanced glycation end products (AGEs). Not only does the function of proteins in the body decreases, but also makes the skin is damaged. The process of glycation of proteins that produce inflammation in the body can accelerate aging of the skin.\n\nSugar gives a bad impact for the insulin. This affects blood vessels and speeding up the aging process of the skin. A health website even dares to guarantee a good effect if you were able to avoid consumption of sugar within one week. To treat your desire eating sugary foods, switch to the fruit.\n

2. Soda

\nThis drink is very familiar in our life. Soda has a bad impact, acid soda was able to erode the teeth, making the teeth vulnerable damaged or perforated. In addition, soda making rapid dehydration so people tend to look for a sweet drink to relieve their throats. This causes the skin to become dull. If you want to drink beverages that have a taste, infused-water into a better alternative than soda.\n

3. Grilled Meats

\nThe food is heated at high temperatures as well as through the process of glycation. The food is baked at temperatures above 300 degrees Celsius, triggering the production of pro-inflammatory pro-inflammatory heterocyclic allylic amines (HCAs) and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). Both were not good for the skin.\n

4. Fried foods

\nFried foods not only can make you gain weight. Fried foods cause damage to collagen on the skin so your skin looks wrinkled.\n

5. Alcohol

\nDrinking excessive alcohol can impair liver function. If the liver is damaged, then their impact will occur on the skin. “When the heart is damaged or is not functioning properly and eliminate their toxicity from the body, you might just be able to see the effect on your skin,” said Mass.\n\nAlcohol consumption also worsens the quality of sleep. In fact, sleep is the time for the skin to “take a break” after being exposed to sunlight, dust, or cosmetics. Lack of sleep will cause problems with the skin.\n\nTo neutralize the harm of alcohol, the water is a good thing. By drinking one glass of water will reduce the influence of alcohol in the body.\n\nFor women who are alcohol, be careful because drinks, this one can make your face look older than age. Alcohol is able to decrease the antioxidants in your skin, so any skin susceptible stren and can solve the collagen and elastin. However, if you already enjoy alcohol the next day don’t forget to apply the facial skin with moisturizer and sunscreen to the skin remains moisturized and healthy.\n

6. Fast food

\nMost fast food such as burgers and fries, having a salt content and high in saturated fats. so fast food, including food that can make the face look older.\n

7. Salt

\nConsuming excess amounts of salt can make the water content in the body decreases. Where, the body will become limp and make your face look much older than usual.\n

8. Caffeine

\nConsume caffeine on a regular basis can make fluid in the body continue to come out. Where, it can make you a more limp. In addition, caffeine can also create dry skin so that the face will look limp and aging.\n

9. Spicy Foods

\nSpicy food lovers, beware. Spicy food can be a trigger for the face look older than your age. because, the content in the spicy foods can make the cells of the blood vessels become wider and make the facial skin to become older.\n\n(via: foxnews)

9 Food and Drinks that Make You Look Old
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