Ice cube therapy can help minimize pores and controlling the production of oil, also can prevent the appearance of wrinkles and premature aging. The regular use of will give your fresh and healthy shine, so you will have a magnificent appearance, even with no makeup on.\n\nTo prepare ice cubes I recommend to use mineral water, rather than simple tap water. Herbal infusion is another good alternative. If you know what your type, you can make a selection of herbs to help your stay fresh and healthy during the months of long winter and frost.\n


Benefits of Ice cubes for skin

\nice cubes for face\n\nFor oily skin prone to acne, I recommend freezing calendula, Sage, coltsfoot or Yarrow infusion. Here is how you can prepare your infusion of herbs: add 2 tablespoons table of flowers of calendula in a glass of hot boiled water and they left to prepare for 10-15 min; Then, strain the infusion, let it cool, pour into a container for ice cubes and put in the freezer.\n\nIf you have dry skin, you can try Chamomile, parsley, lemon flower, or infusion of fresh mint. (The mixture of herbs is also a good solution).\n\nTo reduce wrinkles, try green or black tea. These contain large amounts of antioxidants that can slow down the aging process. A couple of drops of juice of lemon added to the infusion of herbs will help you get rid of dark spots on the skin and make you look that it shines from within.\n\nHere is an Council quick to reap even more benefits of their treatment of ice cube: select 5 different herbs for infusion and change the formula of the infusion every 2-3 weeks.\n\nIf you’re taking to do each day, as I do, might find my next helpful hint: add half a teaspoon of olive oil or any other oil of your choice (almond oil, avocado oil, sesame oil or wheat germ oil) in the infusion of herbs, mineral water or cold before freezing it. Clean your face and neck with these cubes of ice prior to makeup application. Such cubes of ice, soften and nourish the skin, preparation for smooth makeup application, and this, without using a cream.\n\nYou can increase the blood circulation in the face through the use of ice on a daily basis. Better blood circulation to your face gives a natural and healthy glow. The regular use of ice by rubbing also has the ability to prevent wrinkles and premature aging.\n\nIf you get affected by heat rash, use ice cubes to treat them. Instead of using them directly in your face, use a soft cotton cloth to wrap up and press on the affected area. The freshness of the ice cubes gives instant relief.\n\n tips to remember:\n\nBe careful not to use more than two ice cubes. Use of too many cubes causes skin problems which make the situation even worse.\nThe delicate capillaries under the skin can break if you use ice cubes directly. Therefore, use only buckets wrapped in a clean cloth.\n

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How to apply ice cubes?

\nQuickly and gently clean the face, neck and neckline with a bucket of ice, with gentle massage movements. Do not press too strong and not be harsh with your skin, it can cause damage to the tiny capillaries under the skin. As with all the other facials, I would recommend that you avoid applying ice cubes in the eye area, as it is the most delicate and soft in the face area, and should therefore be treated with the utmost care.\n\nDo not Pat your face dry after applying your ice cubes. Let your face dry naturally, in this way your skin will get maximum benefits of this treatment!

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Benefits of Ice Cubes for Face and Skin
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