Drinking was very good in the morning and if we consume on a regular basis each day, then we will get benefit, which is very good for the of our bodies, although not as popular as green tea or Jasmine tea instead of no less beneficial to the health of our .

Black Tea Benefits
Black Tea Benefits
If you have breakfast you can include black tea as an option because it favors while warm, but we recommend that you avoid using too much sugar because it would detract from the benefits of black tea, you could replace it with honey to get the sweet taste. If you do not have breakfast in the morning you can also consume a cup of black tea in order for your body to be more fresh and spunky Additionally you will get the benefits of black tea to your body. Black tea can make life healthier. A study of more than 3,400 adults in Saudi Arabia, where the society is known to like to drink the tea, found that consuming black tea more than six cups a day can lower the risk of developing coronary heart by more than 50 percent. According to the study, antioxidants called flavonoids, found in black tea and green tea, it can be a potential weapon to prevent heart disease.\n

8 Black tea benefits for health


1. Lowering the risk of heart disease and stroke

\nResearch has ever undertaken by involving 70 people by consuming black tea for 4 weeks each morning prove that the content of flavonoids in black teas which acts as an antioxidant can be beneficial to launch circulation and also beneficial to lower the risk of someone had a heart attack and stroke symptoms as black tea can keep cardiovascular and vascular health. A study conducted for many years determined that there is a direct relationship between increased consumption of black tea with a decrease in cardiovascular disease. In 2011, the Boston University concluded in a study that drinking black tea results in the short and long term can reverse something called endothelial vasomotor dysfunction in patients with coronary artery disease. It is a dysfunction that basically predicts coronary disorders if there is more serious.\nThe conclusions in this study are supported by a previous relationship between black tea and the tendency of lowering cardiovascular problems.\n

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2. Anti

\nTF-2 compounds in black tea acts as an anticancer so good are consumed to prevent the development of cancer cells in the colon and in addition these compounds can be deadly cancer cells so with often consume black tea then we will be spared from cancer.\n

3. healthier teeth

\nBlack tea is a source of fluoride is good for maintaining healthy teeth, even though tea has a dark color, but effective to help in preventing cavities as well as keeping the teeth to stay healthy so don’t ever hesitate to consume a cup of black tea every morning.\n

4. Prevent the presence of kidney stones

\nIf you have breakfast, try to combine it with a consuming black tea because the black tea is very beneficial for relieving residual waste substances in the urinary tract that inhibit and become a source of formation of kidney stones, so a cup of black tea are very effective to prevent the formation of kidney stones.\n

5. Boost the immune system

\nThe content of antioxidants in black tea is very beneficial to protect the body from viruses and improves the immune system, it also black tea beneficial to cope with diseases such as pneumonia, skin infections and diarrhea and excellent black tea is also used to face in order to reduce wrinkles on the face and puffy eyes.\n

6. Help lose weight

\nBlack tea is very beneficial to streamline system, metabolism in the body so it is very good to help you lose weight by consuming black tea on a regular basis every day is very good for those of you who are running the program on a diet.\n

7. low sodium, fat, and calories

\nIf you drink black tea is pure and without the additional sweetener, you’ll be drinking tea that is low in sodium, fat, and calories. Is it an advantage for those of you who want to lose weight or just simply want to control their weight. Basically, if you replace the intake of other beverages such as soda is not healthy with black tea, you’ve done great things for the body by reducing intake containing calories. In addition, if you drink black tea in the place that provides the other drinks containing sodium and higher in fat, you have to help your body become healthier. Too much sodium is associated with a wide range of conditions and diseases that are deadly.\n

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8. Rich in antioxidants

\nOther benefits of drinking black tea are rich in antioxidant content. Black tea is made from the camellia tea plant. The big benefit of this is the tea plant contains large amounts of chemicals known as polyphenols. These substances are one of the types of antioxidants, and antioxidants are believed to help the treatment of brain injuries and cases of hearing loss, as well as Parkinson’s disease. It’s just that black tea is no longer considered as such anticancer calculated That’s the black tea benefits for health our bodies, even though it is not as popular as green tea, black tea also useful for the health of our bodies, but to get maximum results you should subtract the added sugar in your black tea if you like sweet you could replace it with honey

Black Tea Benefits for Health
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