Read more about 10 Body Parts of Preferred by .Not only women, men also have to keep up appearances. Because it is the first thing anyone sees. Appearances are not just how men dress or dress their hair. But keep the shape of his body.One part of the spotlight is the abs. However, in addition to six pack abs, many other body parts of men are liked by women.Body Parts of Men Preferred by WomenThis article provides information about Body Parts of Men Preferred by Women. Let’s see below here.

Body Parts of Men Preferred by Women:

Then what is Body Parts of Men Preferred by Women? Make sure you see the following info carefully, because there are some things you should pay attention to.Check out the seven parts of the body of a man who make women crazy

1. Buttocks

Not too different from men, women were attracted to the male buttocks.

2. Mr. P

Although the women surveyed did not overly gauge the size, on average they thought the private area of ​​a clean man was very important.

3. Abs

The abdomen is a part of the body of a man who is also liked by women. Men with sleek abs are preferred. It does not have to be a six-pack, flat and no slip.


4. Hips

Women love the slender male hips. “I think a hollow below the rib that ends above the hip bone is very interesting, it feels so right to put our hands there,” said one woman.

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5. Hands

Some women argue, a man’s hand hygiene can reveal his identity, such as what jobs and how he brings himself. After all, who is not interested in seeing the long, clean fingers of a man?

6. Tongue

Women are very appreciative of the shrewd man who uses the sense of taste. Although still in debate, some women argue that the tongue is one of the most powerful muscles of the human body.

7. Lips

Yes, just as with men who are interested in lips, women also like men who have interesting lips. Some women like men whose lower lip is thicker, others choose thin-lipped men. The reason women are interested in the lips of men is not just aesthetic alone, but also the possibility to perform activities using these body parts.

8. Biceps

The bulging of the biceps not only reflects the strength but also how serious a man is in taking care of his body. Just like a chest, women are also happy if a man showcased his biceps not directly but through the clothes worn like a shirt or sweater that fits.

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9. Chest

If men are generally interested in the shape of a woman’s , big or small, as well as women. Most women say they love to imagine the shape of the chest hidden beneath a man’s shirt. The sweater or attachment material that is perfectly embedded and shaped at the chest can be a clear enough clue to the woman of her preferred .

10. Shoulders

The hundred women surveyed mostly favored men who had strong shoulders and areas because the shoulders reflected strength and masculinity. For some women, the sight of shoulder movement when a man performs an activity is very interesting.So, men, be diligent to visit the gym to form your body to look more attractive and healthy of course!Now you already know the info about Body Parts of Men Preferred by Women that can help and useful for you …

10 Body Parts of Men Preferred by Women
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