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  • SOOTHING and calming – using ultrasonic waves without heat that does not compromise the natural and healing properties of oils; Calily aromatherapy oil diffuser emits a constant mist of soothing soft swirls, filling the air with its essential oil desired. It can also be used without oil as a humidifier.
  • WHISPER quiet operating system – designed to be extremely quiet and pleasant; absolutely no noise, heat or vibration. Perfect for use at night and during the day. Ideal for bedrooms, baths, massage rooms, Spa, etc.. It can be placed in your bedside table, on the desk in the office, etc..
  • SAFE and easy to use – diffuser aromatherapy Calily oil is cold to the touch and has an auto shut-off switch for when the tank is empty. / Very easy to use; simply with hot tap water and add a few drops of your favorite essential oil. (Measuring cup is included). / LOW maintenance: without filters or distilled water.
  • THERAPEUTIC and relaxing State of mind enhancement LED light – 7 features relaxing State of mind enhancement of colors; calmly and smoothly switching from one color to another; adding an inspiring and relaxing interior tranquility. The light can be set on ‘soft color change’, ‘fixed a color’, or it can be ‘off’. / It can also be used as a night light!
  • Specifications – size: 6.5 “x 3.5 / water capacity: 100ml / running time: 4 hours / coverage area: 250 square feet.”
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Product information & Review:

It is a convenient, easy-to-use aroma oil diffuser. It comes with the diffuser itself, a remote function which operates a through the area (batteries included!), the installation cable, a cleaning brush and addresses.

This Calily ultrasonic essential oil diffuser is really easy to use, even if they have used a diffuser before. Quilt rises directly from the bottom, revealing the oil/water down tank. When connect the installation cable, simply pour 100ml of H2O in the tank, add two or three drops of oil, place the highest chimney and plug it again.

The remote you offers you plenty of choices however please use this ultrasonic diffuser; It is not simply a straight power remote. You can however set long like the diffuser to run (depending on how much water you have in the tank) – configuration gives one, 2 or 3 hours without cease, otherwise establishes spread intermittently (15 seconds and 15 seconds shutdown) for two people, 4 or 6 hours. (The directions state that should simply avoid victimization quite three hours at a time and allow time to cool down between sessions).

Together you can use the remote control for aroma diffuser to traverse four colors (blue, green, purple and red) or choose your favorite color and to stay on one line. In addition, the brightness is adjustable. Or, if you favor, you will be able to pull of the Sun completely.

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As much as operation, this is often associated with supersonic diffuser oil. There are square measure different types of diffusers will be able to achieve, however the advantages of associate a square measure which are quieter that a nebulizing diffuser (just heard this March less bits, just coffee “white noise” in the form of tinnitus), and that they do not go through their oils as quickly as this supersonic diffuser. In addition, will double as a humidifier.

Safety features: this ultrasonic diffuser Calily of essential oil uses cool mist and said to be cool to the bit. Is never been my experience, I have let it run long time however (I have a containerful of children and pets, as well Dale once I’m not well close to it), however when 0.5 associate hours of continuous the mist was still cold, nor heat, later played. It is also designed to mechanically close if you happen to be reheated, and once the water level drops too.

Calily™ Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser Aromatherapy Review
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