Read more about the of .Did you know if white bread is harmful to health and can cause death? Perhaps many of you are fond of eating them. Indeed, this food is very practical to eat, especially in the morning.However, it seems you should look for other types of that are safer and healthier for consumption. Here are some reasons why you should avoid white bread.the Danger of White BreadThis article provides information about the Danger of White Bread. Let’s see below here.

the Danger of White Bread:

Then what is the Danger of White Bread? Make sure you see the following info carefully, because there are some things you should pay attention to.

1. No nutrition

Apparently, bread contains no nutrients whatsoever. This food only fills the stomach, but does not provide the necessary protein and vitamin intake by the body.


2. High sodium levels

Bread has a very high sodium / sodium content. It contributes to the emergence of heart disease. If you frequently consume fresh bread, salt levels in the body will increase. Same thing put yourself in a catastrophe.

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3. Make fat

Eating bread in your schedule is the wrong choice. Because, in the bread contains many calories that can increase your weight.

4. Not make full

Between white bread and wholemeal bread, which one would you choose? The majority of you will definitely choose fresh bread because it tastes better. Yes, it is true. However, it turns out fresh bread can not filling. You must take some bread, then you feel full.

5. Contains an ‘evil’ protein

Wheat has a very high level of ‘evil’ protein (gluten). This type of protein can cause celiac disease, a disease that causes stomach pain after eating food.

6. High carbohydrates

Experts say that all foods made from bread have a very high amount of carbohydrates. If you continue to consume it, you may experience carbohydrate overdose. This will cause you to experience a brain fog that can decrease cognitive function.

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7. Increase blood sugar levels

Starch in the bread will split very quickly when entering the digestive tract and will enter the bloodstream into glucose. This can cause blood sugar levels and insulin levels to jump rapidly.

8. Contains fructose corn syrup

Some types of bread must contain high amounts of fructose corn syrup, such as processed foods. This type of sugar has a negative impact on your health.Now you already know the info about the Danger of White Bread that can help and useful for you …Boldsky(08/28/2013)

This is the Danger of White Bread, Stay Away!
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