Read more about 8 Effects If You Are Rarely Shampooing.\r\n\r\nHair washing takes a bit longer. Especially for women who have long , shampoo activities take up a lot of time. Not only when washing , even to dry the also takes a little time.\r\n\r\nThis must make us lazy to shampoo when a lot of daily activities are waiting. However, do not underestimate this activity.Effects If You Are Rarely Shampooing\r\n\r\nDO hair care done by washing hair or known by shampooing. Shampooing should be done regularly.\r\n\r\nShampoo is one of the most important treatments to maintain healthy hair and scalp. Not routinely doing so can have a negative impact. In fact, not just on hair and scalp, but also your head.\r\n\r\nThis article provides information about Effects If You Are Rarely Shampooing. Let’s see below here.\r\n

Effects If You Are Rarely Shampooing:

\r\nThen what is Effects If You Are Rarely Shampooing? Make sure you see the following info carefully, because there are some things you should pay attention to.\r\n

Scalp becomes rough

\r\nWhen lazy shampooing, many people choose to use dry shampoo, which can minimize oil on the scalp. However, the product does not mean to eliminate it. “It’s not enough to intense cleaning, dirt and oil on the scalp will accumulate longer and it will make it uncomfortable,” says Eric Spengler, a hair researcher.\r\n


Hair becomes rough

\r\nIn addition to the effect on the scalp, the hair is rarely washed can make the dirt and dust becomes more and more accumulate. “If the hair is not clean then the oil on the hair will accumulate and it can attract more dirt,” said Spengler.\r\n

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Hair itches and dry

\r\nThe buildup of dirt and oil can lead to dandruff. Where the dandruff will make the scalp become itchy. The more you scratch the scalp due to itching, it could be the scalp will get hurt. This can make the roots of hair weaken and your hair fall out. When the rainy season, the hair is rarely washed will make it look dry.\r\n

Bad smell of hair

\r\nThe skin on the head is the same as your body, which contains oil and sweat glands. Natural bacteria contained in it can cause unpleasant odors if you rarely wash your hair.\r\n

Hair volume is reduced and limp

\r\nIf you do not routinely wash your hair then the hair will be easily exposed to a lot of dirt and dust. Especially if you often do styling on the hair, styling products is not likely to stick to the hair. It will make the hair does not volume and it becomes oily.\r\n

Hair is dull and does not shine

\r\nHair that is rarely washed will be full of dirt. It can cause the color and brightness of hair will be reduced. Dirty hair will tend to be darker and coarser, which makes the hair unable to reflect light. That is why it is important to wash hair with conditioner. Conditioner is useful to smooth the hair cuticle, especially in the middle to the tip of the hair.\r\n

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Hair will fall out more when shampooing

\r\nAccording to Spengler, when you have not washed your hair for a long time, you will realize that hair will fall out more when shampooing the first time. This is normal because long hair is not washed will make it more fragile.\r\n


\r\nNot only gives a bad effect on the hair and scalp, the head can also be affected. Styling hair like tying it will make the hair become tense and affect the nerves in the head so the head becomes painful.\r\n\r\n(Cosmopolitan)\r\n\r\nNow you already know the info about Effects If You Are Rarely Shampooing that can help and useful for you …

8 Effects If You Are Rarely Shampooing
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