From the comfort of your home, you can perform an to fast as short as one week.\n\nThere are many different ways to exercise as preferences, goals and motivations. You can do exercise by going to a gym where you can use toning machines or cardiovascular activity and attend supervised activities. Different exercises can be performed at home or individually and sports equipment. Another option is to go swimming or running or join dance classes, which is also a good exercise.\n

Why is important to do regular exercise To Fast Lose Weight?

\nIf what you seek is to fast lose weight, most effective is cardiovascular activities, which moves around the body and make it sweat more. Such aerobic activities can be further combined with other exercises of force or resistance for the results it would be more effective. One method that has proved very successful in its different variants is to fast circuits that combine various exercises.Squats to fast lose weight\n\nIn any case, one key to fast lose weight is to do regular exercise and consistently. People who want to reduce weight are normally not used to exercise, but rather lead a sedentary life.\n\nWhen you want to fast lose weight to feel lighter, look more attractive and be healthier, it is equally important to learn how to lose weight not gain it.\n

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3 Easy Exercises To Fast Lose Weight

\nExercise # 1 – pedaling\n\nThis exercise is based on emulating pedaling bicycle. You have to stretch out on the floor face up. Best if it is done on a mat for comfort. The arms are placed with open elbows and hands behind the head. Knees are raised at an angle of 90 degrees and a leg stretched to 45 degrees, then alternates stretching the other leg as if you were treading the air.\n\nTo make the exercise more intense and make you sweat and burn fat you have to go elevating and rotating the trunk till the leg is bent, carrying a small lateral abdominal. Take the left shoulder to the right and vice versa knee, trying to keep elbows wide open. You can do 2 sets of 15 repetitions.\n\nExercise 2 – Squats\n\nThe squats, as the name suggests, are based on the action of sitting and standing, albeit without ever support the back. You must stand with the legs spread width apart and feet parallel to each other well. The exercise is to go down and up, bending your legs and buttocks pulled backwards. You should feel the weight on your heels and you have to try to keep your back straight down.\n\nTo accompany the movement, carry the arms forward when going down. This exercise is a great ally to strengthen the buttocks. You can also do 2 sets of 15 repetitions.\n\nExercise # 3 – Push\n\nYou must perform pushups laying on the floor face down. The idea is to raise and lower the weight of your own body leaning on the hands and toes. Feet should be together and hands with palms on the floor at shoulder height. You have to go down stretching the arms and bending the elbows. Look down to keep your back and neck straight. You can do 2 sets of 12 repetitions.\n\nWith these three types of exercises, combined with healthy , you can fast lose weight and gain the body shape you dream of.

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Exercises To Fast Lose Weight At Home
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