Doing a long-term diet is wise because it’s healthier and will likely keep the pounds off. But sometimes you just need to fast lose weight because, for example, your anniversary happens to be the next month. Don’t worry; there are ways to accelerate your metabolism safely. One of the tips of fast lose weight is 500 calorie diet for a single weekday.\n\nHaving so few calories may not make the diet effort last longer – it could hurt you. But doing the diet of 500 calories in rare occasions is still safe, especially if you have had some excess the previous day (or previous days) and you wanted to get back to your ideal weight quickly.first week to fast lose weight\n\nTherefore it is recommended that you do the 500 calorie diet one day a week to fast lose weight. For example on Monday, after you had comfort food during the weekend. The rest of the week you have to eat healthy and forget about the 500 calorie diet.\n

Here are the menus for the first week to fast lose weight:



\nBreakfast consists of a slice of fresh pineapple, which is very good to add fiber to stimulate the intestines and help you go to the bathroom to remove the excess fat that you keep from the day before. The pineapple has the virtue of being a detoxifying fruit. Pair the pineapple with nonfat plain yogurt – this will taste sweet and delicious.\n\nYogurt calms our stomachs, hydrating your walls if there have been indigestion. Finally add whole meal toast to have more fiber and digest better. Note that this breakfast will allow you to perfectly keep the hunger until lunch. The amount of fiber you eat fills your stomach. Besides, the vitamins of the fruit and the proteins of yogurt will provide all the necessary nutrients. You can repeat this breakfast over a week to fast lose weight. It is satisfying, healthy and balanced.\n

Half morning

\nEat one apple. The apple is ideal because it provides more vitamins, has very few calories, and also comforts the stomach until lunchtime. You can try a delicious smoothie diet: Peach and Apple smoothie.\n


\nLunch consists of 200 grams of chicken (or chicken breast fillet). You can take what you like, but not breaded or fried. Ideally, have it grilled, roasted or boiled. If you do it on the grill you can add salt and pepper. Add a handful of mushrooms and a little garlic because it gives it very good flavor. For dessert you can have an apple. It is recommended to accompany the lunch diet of 500 calories with a tea or infusion.\n

Afternoon snack

\nFor the afternoon snack, you can have a glass of fruit juice. If you can have it natural, excellent, if not better substitute a tea or coffee with skim milk. Do not use sugar or honey.\n


\n2-egg omelet and one yolk is enough for dinner. The eggs only have 54 calories, most of which are in the yolk. However, the egg whites have 4 grams of protein and no fat.\n\nIt is important to remember that it’s better if to do this diet more than one day in a week. It has very few calories but you can still have an active life. Ideally, you can do this diet to fast lose weight. If you do this diet once in a while you will combat the excesses.

Fast Lose Weight: 500 Calorie Diet One Day in A Week
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