At first thought, trying to lose up to 10 kilos in a week may seem like a completely impossible task. But the truth is it can be done reasonably. If you really want to get rid of excess fat and toxins accumulated in your body, be sure to continue reading this post.\n\nThe success of the program to fast lose weight as much as 10 kilos in a week depends on your determination, perseverance and willpower. Therefore it is something you should ask yourself before you lose weight diet\n\nYour commitment is vital to achieving your success, because otherwise it will be very difficult to lose kilos so much in so little time. And the loss of 10 kilos in just 7 days involves the intake of a low calorie diet and the practice of daily physical exercise at least an hour.\n

Without further ado, here are the tips to fast lose weight (10 kilos) in a week:

\nDay 1: Vegetables soup and fruits. You can have all kinds of fruits except grapes and bananas. Cantaloupe and watermelon are allowed. As of the beverages, you can only have water, unsweetened tea, and fruit juices without sweetener or juice diluted in water.\n\nDay 2: Fresh vegetables soup and steamed vegetables; green leafy veggies are recommended. Peas, corn, and beans should be avoided. On the second day, it is best not to eat fruits.\n\nDay 3: Have a combination of veggies soup, leafy greens and fruits. Bananas, potatoes, grapes and beets should be avoided.\n\nDay 4: Have skim milk, veggies soup, and plantains (6 bananas at most)\n\nDay 5: Pair 150-200 grams of lean beef (fish or chicken) with vegetables soup. You should also drink around 8 glasses of water to eliminate the euric acid from the meat.\n\nDay 6: Have 2-3 lean steaks with vegetables soup and wide leafy greens.\n\nDay 7: Enjoy vegetable soup, cup of brown rice, unsweetend fruit juices, and vegetables as much as you want.\n\nBy following this diet, you can fast lose weight as many as ten kilos within a week and gain the dream body.\n\nPineapple Diet\n\nAs an additional tip, to fast lose weight you may also consider trying pineapple diet. This tropical fruit helps fight excess weight by removing accumulated fat in the body and preventing fluid retention.\n\nWhy is pineapple, you may ask? Well, pineapple has a lot of health benefits worth to know to help you fast lose weight. First, being composed of enzymes, pineapple helps activate the metabolism to get rid of fat, and facilitate digestion. Its high water content and fiber help prevent digestive infections and eliminate retained liquids due to its diuretic effect.\n\nThe many minerals such as sulfur, iron and potassium help activate both sex hormones as generating enzymes. And as a major source of simple sugars like fructose, sucrose and glucose, pineapple provides the body with immediate energy. Meanwhile, the content of vitamins, especially vitamin C are ideal to protect the thyroid and nerve cells\n

Here’s how to fast lose weight with pineapple diet for 5 days:

\nFor breakfast, prepare 100 gr pineapple, a slice of whole bread, one fat-free yogurt. For lunch, have one portion of grill chicken, vegetable soup and 100 gr pineapple. And for dinner, you can enjoy chicken and pineapple salad, or 100 gr pineapple and 100 gr whole rice.\n\nTo do pineapple diet for five to six days is safe as long as you do not have any health issues that may prevent you from following it.

Fast Lose Weight: Shed 10 Kilos In A Week
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