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Feminine area is difficult to clean. The reason, the feminine area has some folds that tend to make the vagina easy to moist. If it is already damp like this, the fungus will grow and make the vagina infection. Well, this infection can cause an unpleasant smell in the vagina.

Not to mention the thick liquid that is often called the whitish can make the surrounding area of ​​itchy femininity. In fact there are, some women who experience itching up to the groin. Of course, in addition to disturbing comfort, unpleasant odor will interfere with your health. Well, here are five natural foods that will make your vagina remain healthy and fragrant.

This article provides information about Food for Healthy and Fragrant Vagina. Let’s see below here.

Food for Healthy and Fragrant Vagina

Then what is Natural Foods That Will Make Your Vagina Healthy and Fragrant? Make sure you see the following info carefully, because there are some things you should pay attention to.


yogurt Food for Healthy and Fragrant Vagina

Maybe you often consume yogurt to improve your digestion. But it turns out, yogurt is also efficacious for killing bacteria with probiotic content. So the vaginal pH becomes balanced. The humidity will be normal so that your feminine area does not have a yeast infection.

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Mineral water

water for Healthy and Fragrant Vagina

Many people who complain about her feminine area smells unpleasant. In addition to disturbing, this also makes the couple uncomfortable during lovemaking. Therefore, you should consume plenty of mineral water. In order for moisture and mucus production in the vagina is maintained. Mineral water will also keep the temperature in the feminine area remains stable.

Fresh fruits and vegetables

A very moist vagina is not healthy. But, if too dry is also not good. For that, you should eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Vegetables such as cabbage, spinach, kale, and lettuce can keep your vagina dry. In addition, you should also choose fruits that contain vitamin C. Because of this vitamin C content can maintain the immune in the vagina.


Garlic is very good for your body, including the vagina. Because it contains antibacterial, antifungal, and contains antioxidants that can kill fungi and bad bacteria in the vagina. When you eat raw garlic, mushrooms, vaginal discharge and infection will be treated.

Sweet potato

Sweet potato are usually consumed by women who are dieting. But it turns out, sweet potatoes are also good for vaginal health, because it contains vitamin A. Vitamin A can help smooth the removal of urine and maintain the production of female hormones to remain stable and healthy.

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There are five foods you can consume for your vagina is fragrant and healthy. Do not let the vagina that smells and remove mucus disrupt you while making love with your partner. In addition, your health can also be threatened! Therefore, keep the vagina moisture to stay healthy and well groomed.

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5 Natural Foods That Will Make Your Vagina Healthy and Fragrant
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