Read more about 12 to Eat to Have a Healthy .Perhaps not many are aware of the importance of having a healthy vagina. In fact, this female body part has a row of important roles. Starting from its function as a delivery path, to the place where the dirt when menstruating out of the body.Not a problem that is too difficult when talking vaginal health. Just like other body parts, intake also has a big part in keeping the vagina from various diseases. Therefore, these foods need to be consumed.This article provides information about Foods to Eat to Have a Healthy Vagina. Let’s see below here.

Foods to Eat to Have a Healthy Vagina:

Then what is 12 Foods to Eat to Have a Healthy Vagina? Make sure you see the following info carefully, because there are some things you should pay attention to.


eat yogurt to Have a Healthy VaginaSo food that is always reliable in terms of maintaining body pH balance, yogurt must be consumed by you who want to have a healthy vagina. The ingredients in yogurt can increase the amount of good bacteria production is one reason why eating yogurt has something to do with vaginal health.

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Mineral water

drink water to Have a Healthy VaginaOne of the simplest yet most effective solutions, water is a mandatory substance with a range of benefits that are immediately felt by the mucus layer present in the vagina. Also, water can contribute to preventing odor in the vaginal area.

Cranberry juice

acid content in cranberry juice has a good effect on the bladder. Therefore, cranberry juice can help urine to balance the pH levels present in the vagina. Where indirectly, it also reduces the risk of infection in the vaginal area.


Vaginal health related, garlic is believed to be a food that can prevent the development of fungi and microbes in excess amount. Eating garlic with the right amount, then you can reduce the infection in the vaginal area.

Sweet potatoes

Not only famous for food with a taste that is so delicious, sweet potato was effective in maintaining vaginal health. Rich in vitamin A content, sweet potatoes can make the uterine wall stronger. Also, producing hormones that can keep you energized.


Yes, pineapple is a healthy food for your vagina.


Especially leafy vegetables can help treat vaginal and itchy dryness.

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Almonds can also prevent Urinary Tract Infection so good for maintaining vaginal health.


Fitoestrogen in soy helps keep the vagina from drying out during menopause.


add chili to your daily diet. Capsaicin content in chili can improve blood circulation and promote vaginal health.

Vitamin C

Eating lots of fruits rich in vitamin C can help fight vaginal infections. Consumption also fruit like guava, pineapple, strawberries etc.


Black chocolate is not only good for the heart but also good for the organ as it helps in lubrication.Now you already know the info about Foods to Eat to Have a Healthy Vagina that can help and useful for you …

12 Foods to Eat to Have a Healthy Vagina
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