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Want to Buy GoWISE USA Slim Digital Bathroom Scale – Measures Weight, Body Fat, Water, & Bone Mass?

\nCheck on\n\nFeatures:\n\nBalance of body fat with technology Bio impedance analysis (BIA) which estimated bone, water, muscle and body fat\nTempered glass platform\nLCD display with blue LED backlight\nMeasures body fat, water, muscle and bone with the athlete mode; Memory for 8 users\n”Step in” technology and touch switch\n

Product information & Review:

\nThe GoWISE USA is designed in the United States and manufactured in China uses bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) sends a small electric current through the body to measure the resistance at different frequencies to give an estimate of fat, water, and bone density. This measurement technology has widespread use and suffers from some inherent limitations in the estimates. GoWISE bathroom scale attempts to minimize errors and improve the accuracy of all for the price of regular weight only scales.\n\nPROS\n\nThere is no need to kick start this digital scale, the GoWISE is the bathroom scale ready to measure to buy for those who want to follow more than body weight without having to pay the hefty price. Step in and get a precise measurement of the weight, permanent stay for only 5 seconds more and you will have your body fat, the water balance and bone mass readings also.\n\nThe manufacturer recommends to have wet feet to improve the accuracy of body composition readings, this is not unique to this particular scale, all scales of BIA body composition technology is improved by the use of this method and we think that it is a small price to pay for such affordable readings. The athlete setting is an excellent feature, designed to reduce the measures likely to error in leaner individuals.\n\nDuring our testing the accuracy in measurements for those with a more muscular, less chubby persuasion certainly stood out in comparison with other brands. They lack various levels of activity can improve accuracy but the price it is great. Did we mention price? Any court cost gym addict will get their money’s worth out of this scale.\n\nCONS\n\nThere is no Bluetooth, Wi-Fi connectivity for what you will need to manually save the results to follow over time, so be sure to take down quickly in the limited time that are displayed or you will have to repeat the results. Be sure to wear your glasses, the icons are relatively small to show what is being measured despite the numbers of screen nice and clear. The battery of two 3-volt down pretty fast, that we believe that it should be changed approximately every 9 months of moderate use.\n\nConclusion\n\nAlthough the name is a little misleading and can be expected to be a fully-made brand, Chinese manufacturers have made to United States design justice. This easy-to-use scale provides accurate readings of BIA making home affordable measures for those with a budget and weight. Safe, does not synchronize results wireless so you’ll have to burn them, but the value for money on this scale is amazing.

GoWISE USA Slim Digital Bathroom Scale – Measures Weight, Body Fat, Water, & Bone Mass Review
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