The benefits of water for health and beauty is no secret, the water had an important role in metabolic processes of the body. Drinking water is one of the human need for survival, because about 80% of the human body consists of water.\n\n

Benefits of Water for Health
Benefits of Water for Health
\n\nSo, at least, we should be drinking 8 glasses of water each day, make a substitute fluid is wasted from the body through urine, sweat, or tears. If you’re a smoker, the portion must be added again so 3-4 glasses.\n\nFunction of water in the body has a very important role in metabolic processes of the body, including in the process of digestion and absorption of food and nutrients is also transporting the circulation in the body. In addition, it serves to produce saliva and also maintain body temperature conditions in order to be stable. Therefore, You do not even get used to not drink water, let alone a long time lack of water in the body.\n\nIn addition, some of the results showed that the fulfillment of the needs of water in the body could prevent the onset of various diseases. It certainly will make your life become more healthy and comfortable.\n

Functions of the water needed by the body


Forming cells and body fluids.

\nThe main component of the cell is water, of 70-85%. Whereas in the fat cells, less than 10%. Water plays a major role in blood (containing 83% water), gastric fluids, hormones, enzymes, muscles, and is also useful in maintaining muscle tone so that the muscles are able to contract.\n


\nWater can produce heat, absorbs and dissipates the heat throughout the body so that the body remains stable. In addition, it also helps cool the body through evaporation from the surface of the skin and lung with carrying excess heat out of the body.\nSolvents and other nutritional substances and supporting the process of digestion of food.\n\nStart of production of saliva helps when the food in the mouth, dissolve food and helps lubricate the food that enters the esophagus.\n

Media transport

\nHelp growth and cell regeneration effectively (carrier) and a variety of media with the nature and substance of polar ion are different. In addition, it helps transport oxygen in the body and as a transport medium for carbon dioxide gas when exhaling.\n

Removing toxins

\nWith water, the remains of metabolism in the body expelled through the urinary tract, indigestion, respiratory tract and skin.\n

Benefits of water for health and beauty


Water for weight loss

\nOne of the benefits of water for beauty which is helping the success of your weight loss program. The trick is to consume two glasses of water every time they want to eat. With a drink before a meal, the stomach will be full much quicker, so you eat less.\n\nSo for those of you who are having trouble losing weight, drinking water can be the best solution.\n

Skin Moisturizing

\nThe benefits of water for skin beauty is as a natural moisturizer. Yes, a lack of body fluids tends to have drier skin. Therefore, if you want to have skin that is chewy, moist, pretty, and try to drink enough water\n

Keep Hair Health

\nKeep hair health benefits also include water for beauty. If the water supply is adequate for the body’s needs, then the hair roots can supply nutrients to the hair shaft optimally.\n

The skin brighter and Fresher

\nKeep the skin bright and fresh, so much is also one of the benefits of water for beauty. When someone less drinking, usually facial skin so pale looking, and sometimes dull.\n

A Natural Detox

\nThe water will help dispose of toxins in your body through urine which you remove. drink 2-3 liters of water per day is strongly recommended for your body.\n

Stronger Bones

\nThe water is also very good for the health of our bones. This is because, the water helps to make our bone cells that are new.\n

Healthy Digestion

\nWater also helps the digestive process of the foods we eat goes well. So it is highly recommended to drink enough water for our bodies.\n\nWhen the liquid in the body’s needs is met, it will be spared from constipation due to fluid in the digestion process also can help the absorption of nutrients\n\nWhen the liquid in the body needs enough, then it will be spared from constipation due to fluid in the digestion process also can help the absorption of nutrients that also serves to form a mass of human waste.\n

Prevent Constipation

\nWater is also helpful in preventing constipation that is often experienced by any person in connection with defecation. Drink water for constipation problem you will never experience again.\n

anti aging

\nWater is able to make our skin to be more fresh and looks fitter every day. So it looks always seem more youthful and avoid the dull skin.\n

The Lymph System Is Stabilized

\nThe lymph system is working optimally, the body has the power to better fight infections or thyroid infections also can interfere with Your body’s health.\n

Prevent Kidney Stones

\nKidney stones caused by salt and salt according to the theory of water soluble. With sufficient water needs of the body, then kidney stones on the body will dissolve and get out with the urine.\n

Keep The Mood

\nSomeone who is dehydrated will experience headaches, fatigue, mood is soured, difficulty to concentrate. So drinking sufficient water is extremely beneficial for preventing a soured the mood\n

Maintain Hygiene And oral health

\nIn the oral cavity there is such thing as saliva that acts as a self cleansing. By consuming water intake per day is enough then it will keep the production of saliva, so at the very least reduce the exposed risk of oral disease.\n

Reduce sense of the cramps and Sprains

\nProper hydration can help keep joints and muscles for lubricated, so tend to be not that easy to hit by cramps and sprains, particularly while exercising.\n

Facilitate Defecation

\nSomeone who is experiencing constipation or constipation recommended to drink water that aims to help the laxatives.\n

Reduce Risk Of Cancer

\nRelated to the digestive system, some studies show with drinking water can reduce the risk of bladder cancer and colon cancer. Water can be dissolved concentrations of cancer-causing genes in the urine and can also shorten the time the virus in contact with the lining of the bladder.

Great Benefits of Water for Health and Beauty
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