Is it possible to change your ? Get ideas on how to change your permanently and naturally using honey.\n\nChange your Eye ColorThe color of the is one of the things that someone will be when you meet. It also shows the personality of someone. The color of the of the people is different. They are not comfortable with the color of the and can be that you are planning on how change the color of the . Although it is difficult to change your eye color permanently slightly you can temporarily change the color or manage a little in lightening the color of . However before choosing how to change your eye color you have to understand the following:\n\nThe color of your is genetic. Each person has unique eye color. Eye color is formed by combination of combining genes from different generations resulting in three main types of color, i.e.: Brown, blue and green. Brown is common among many people followed by blue and green. It also changes the color of the by the age. Color can lighten as they age.\n\nThe eye color is determined by the melanin. When a baby is born the eyes are light blue, this because they have not developed melanin. When you have brown eyes, your body has more melanin, green eyes are characterized by medium and blue melanin by low melanin. Therefore it is not easy to change eye color permanently but can slightly change temporarily. The color of the eyes can also clarify age.\n\nIt is not easy to change eye color permanently of course. If you are planning on how to change your eye color permanently then you have to undergo a surgery. forms of temporary but not permanent eye color change. You also have to be very careful in choosing the method to use to change the color of the eyes, an eye is a delicate organ, therefore, you have to be careful to alter it.\n\nAn immediate change of the color of the eyes should worry you. When it comes to change the color of the eyes must be gradual. You should not expect to sleep and wake with eyes changing eye color change drastic may be a symptom of a serious illness therefore have to look for the medication with immediate effect.\n\nYou can have dark eyes and you wish to clarify, here there are several ways that can help to temporarily change the color of the eyes.\n


  • Change of diet. The food entering the body determines the production of hormones. Hormones such as norepinephrine and serotonin are responsible for monitoring the physical response of the body’s organs. These hormones causes the pupil of the eye expand what eyes appear lighter for some time. Therefore the diet you take affects the color of your eyes.
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  • Change in emotions. The color of your eyes change as with your mood swings. When you’re happy or sad your body produces a hormone that causes the pupil of the eye to enlarge the most vibrant eyes.
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  • Drink herbal cleanses. To clean base of herbs you have the ability to temporarily change the color of the eyes. When you change the body hormonal level causing the physical response of the general body change.
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Foods that change the color of your eyes


How to change your eye Color with honey

\nhoney\n\nCan honey change eye color? Many people are wondering if honey is appropriate to change the color of the eyes. It is because they do not use equipment and proper procedure. You have to use pure honey and bottled water, work. Honey has been used in the past as a natural way to treat to the eyes. Therefore, it is a way of how to change the color of the eyes.\n\nDo you have dark brown eyes and you’re thinking about how change your lighter brown eye color? You can use pure honey and water to change their eye color. Simply take equal proportion of honey and water and then mix until it drops in the eyes.\n\nYou can use warm water, it works better than cold water. It is necessary to place two or three drops of a mixture of pure honey with water in each eye twice a day. It may be early in the morning after washing your face and at night. For best results it is required to repeat the procedure for every day for two weeks for best results.\n\nTo be honest, when you add honey in your eyes for the first time, you will feel some irritation of the eyes for a short while for the first few days. The irritation will disappear as you get used to it. To avoid irritations hand spray can be used to administer the mixture of honey in the eyes then clean that they have entered into the rest of your face.\n\nThings that surround you as the color of clothes you wear, the color of buildings, makeup of face and the general environment affect the color of your eyes because that is reflected in your eyes. Therefore you have to be willing to notice the changes in the color of the eyes when using honey treatment. This is possible by observing your eyes deeply in a clear.\n


\nSpinach is rich in lutein zeaxanthin and carotenoid that youth in their eyes. The high content of iron in spinach makes your eyes brighter. A cup of raw spinach makes 27 calories of energy. It is power packed with magnesium, potassium, vitamin A and folate. It is known to be enriched with alpha-lipoic acid, which prevents the changes induced by the stress to the body. A spinach-filled diet helps prevent cancer, asthma, lowers high blood pressure and amplifies the bone strength. It also promotes healthy skin and hair.\n


\nFish and seafood are a rich source of all kinds of vitamins and minerals especially of vitamins B, C, D, E and k. calcium, iron, magnesium and phosphorus are the main minerals present in the flesh of fish which produce colour changes in the eye. This change can be permanent by including fish in your diet regularly.\n


Camomile tea

\nCamomile tea\n\nThis amazing tea lowers down the concentration of hormones of stress in the bloodstream and gives your eyes a warmer tone. It is used to treat inflammations of the mucous and is used to relieve various gastrointestinal upset. Also used as a relaxing bath for anogenital inflammation. When applied topically, cure for all types of burns and scars.\n

Olive oil

\nolive oil\n\nThe wonders of olive oil are numerous and attractive. It is the best medicine for every ailment. It’s fascinating to components such as acid linoleic, linolenic and oleic acid render a soft, beautiful tone colour of their irises. This oil is also said that do wonders for the pain of joints and is referred to as the best organic moisturizer. It reduces the effects of stress and decreases the concentration of bad cholesterol in the blood.\n


\nThe regular use of onion in the diet has shown gradual changes also in the skin and eye color. Onions are also vital in reducing the possibilities of colorectal cancer. These sulfur-rich compounds are also infused with vitamin C and works wonders for your skin and hair. An important component of onions, folate, it is known to alleviate depression and helps to cure insomnia. This also keeps your appetite under control.\nNuts\n\nIf you are interested in changing your eye color, the nuts are the main source of nutrition that should be incorporated into your diet. Almonds are nuts calories under performance six grams of protein and 14 grams of fat per twenty-three walnuts. Add a variety of dried fruits to your diet to witness a progressive lightening of your eye color. Avoid the use of roasted nuts as nutrients have already been destroyed by exposure to high temperatures.\n


\nMeats are rich in various minerals such as zinc and magnesium that help achieve changes of color in the iris. Meat products give us a power House of the proteins needed to keep the body’s vital processes. They also help to maintain a continuous state of well-being.\n


\nginger\n\nThis Rhizome is known for its magical powers in reducing the inflammation of the colon that is preventing colon cancer. It reduces ovarian cancer as result of chemotherapy, nausea, and muscle aches. Research has shown that ginger reduces asthma symptoms and cure liver damage caused by drugs. It is also known to relieve the symptoms of dysmenorrhoea. It is, in addition to all this, wonderful to lead to gradual changes to your eye color.\n

How to change your eye Color permanently

\nYou are having brow eye color and not they are comfortable with it, it may be that you are asking how to change your eye color to blue. We are having a blue eye but a thin layer of brown or green covers the iris of some people that makes us have different colored eyes.\n\nYou can simply remove the brown layer of the eye using a method known as stroma procedure. This is the procedure that uses low-energy laser to permanently alter the color of eyes from Brown to blue. Stroma laser cut off the thin Brown layer in the iris, making the body to start a natural healing mechanism.\n\nThe iris tissues then will heal naturally making the eye appear blue permanent. The eye can appear black in the first week of the procedure and blue after the healing process.\n\nYour head is placed in front of the stroma laser. Eyes are treated separately, it covers one eye and the other focuses on a small light that is in front of you. Low energy laser so seek your iris 20 to 30 seconds. The same procedure is performed in the other eye and left to cure approximately one to two weeks. This procedure is performed only once in the eyes.\n

Surgery to change Eye Color

\nIf you are not impressed by the color of your eyes, surgery is one of the method on how to change your eye color permanently. Blue eye color is characterized by beauty and good appearance. Some people believe that they are attractive when have eyes blue colors. For this reason most celebrities tend to have blue eyes that are obtained by the use of color contact lenses. But today there is a medical surgery that helps you have the eyes blue color permanently.\n\nThe medical procedure of the stroma works by removing a thin layer of melanin that covers the iris. This Brown layer stops to reveal under the Blue layer of the eye in the natural healing process. This method is secure because low energy consumption is used to perform the surgery. Treatment is also done in the iris and the pupil does not.\n\nThe patient’s head is placed in front of stroma laser, the head then stabilizes to deal with a small light. One eye is covered and then a low-energy laser scans the iris for the treatment. The same procedure is performed in the other eye. This procedure takes up to 30 minutes. Rather than undergo the procedure of stoma, human clinical testing has to be done to establish whether it is safe for the surgery.\n

Change Color of eyes online

\nYou can change the color of your eyes in different colors online especially when you are taking a photo. You can change the eyes to look like blue, green and brown or even have an animal eyes using the color editor. Therefore, color editor is also far over how to change the color of the eyes. There are many version of color publishers online that you can download for free. The color editor has the following features;\n\nIt has a variety of realistic colors that you can choose when you edit.\nYou can share your photos via Instagram, face book and other social networks.\nYou are able to save the photos in the gallery.\nIt’s easy photo editing.\nIt has animal eyes, eyes of cat eyes of flag and other effects to the eyes you can choose.\nThey are able to change the size of your eyes, you can make them larger or smaller.\nAbility to try new color eye and eye color lenses.

How to Change your Eye Color Naturally
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