If you are a man and want tips on how to grow your penis bigger and stronger naturally without pills, you should continue reading this article. I will provide a list of tips and tricks to strengthen your penis naturally that you can apply in your free time\n\nHow to make your penis bigger and stronger – discover the best ways to get your penis grow quickly and naturally without drugs\n

How To Grow Your Penis Bigger – penis exercises

\nIf you want to improve your penis size, you must work every day. When you exercise, your body is in good shape, also his self-esteem is improved. When you feel good, you will feel more satisfied about the sex, and therefore will increase the size of the penis. To share with you several effective penis exercises which are very effective:\n

1. Wally Wally up

\nTo start this exercise, you will recover the erect stage sitting on the edge of a Chair. Therefore, place a towel over the head of the penis, increase the head of the penis and hold it for three to five seconds. You must make three or five sets with representatives from five to ten if you feel stronger, you can get up resistance wet towel or a large towel over the head of the penis. Before you begin an exercise, you can heat using a hot cloth with warm water and tighten correctly. Following the tips in this article, add the size of penis significantly without pills or medications. Continue reading the article for more information about how to make your penis bigger with penis exercises.\n

2. lubricate

\nAfter heating the process, is towards the exercise of lubrication, which is one of the most important ways to increase your penis size naturally. In fact, you can find a lot of lubricants to enlarge the size of the penis, but the usual method is to use lubricants with water-based or oil-based. My preferred lubricant is VigRX Oil, including botanical extracts complex vitamin and antioxidant which go directly to the tissues of the penis for fast results, target, immediate. Remember that water-based lubricant can be dried quickly, therefore, you should put the lubricant during the exercise.\n

3. extensions to the penis

\nFirst, you have the penis like you think this is the last year to improve your penis, hold a hand around the head of the penis, and another hand is around that hand. When it stays in the penis, it should stretch and turn your penis for 30 times, remember that you turn on the left. Then you may have a rest; Massage his penis slowly. Then, hold the penis, stretch it and turn right, make it 30 times and take a break before switching to the other side.\n\nYou must do this exercise every day to increase the length of your penis. Actually, many men feel painful to stretch your penis because they have no warm-up exercise. Stretching exercise is referred to as the best penis enlargement exercise, but needs patience, and needs to function properly. If you do not feel pain with this exercise. Without pills, drugs or supplements, you can use this exercise as a daily routine to improve the health of your penis.\n

4. length Extender

\nNow, hold the head of the penis, other hand keeps the remaining hand to make a grip. You can sit in a Chair or standing, depends on you. Then, get a firm grip on the head, keep straight and hold for 30 seconds. You can remove the penis and stretch it, but you can feel pain when performing this exercise. You can take a short break between series, and can speed up the process or increase the intensity if you feel better.\n

5. Kegels

\nkegel grow your penis\n\nWith these Kegel exercises, your muscles may improve if you tighten the muscles in your penis, is considered as complete the flow of pee. Bad if your stomach is worked out or the muscles are spliced. You can tighten the muscles and use the same muscle to end it and resume the flow of pee. Must implement to 10 sets, get a short rest between set and start with twenty or thirty per hour.\n

6. Jelqing exercises

\nNow wrap your thumb and finger around his penis from the base of the hand, tighten, push down the head of the penis. This action will help increase the flow of blood through the penis, especially when it stretches the penis. You can practice this exercise with both hand, exchanged after each set. The exercise will improve very effective blood flow.\n

7. the Circular rotation

\nThis exercise is familiar to stretching exercise; However, you can find some differences as below\n\nUse only one hand to hold your stretch of dick\nTurn this position\nDo 30 seconds for direction\nDo 30 seconds for another direction.\nPractice 5 hour a day\n\nYou will discover how to make your penis bigger naturally with diet plan in the next part of this article.\n

How to make your penis bigger with diet Plan

\nUnfortunately, for men who wish to increase their penis size, penis size is determined by Genetics; Therefore, there are food can make larger. However, there are some foods that can help accelerate your training for the penis. If you combine a specific diet along with their penis exercises plan, you can get the results you want quickly. Some foods called vasodialators can help much in their learning process; However, they can increase the blood flow to your penis. Some examples of these foods are milk, eggs, liver, tuna, salmon and vegetables such as tomatoes, broccoli, carrots and sweet potatoes. If you want to increase your penis size and improve the health of his masculinity without pain and side effects, I’ll show you 5 of foods that you should add to your diet plan.\n

1. pumpkin seeds

\npumpkin seeds\n\nExactly, pumpkin seeds, that can help to improve the size of the penis at home more effectively. Accelerating blood, pumpkin seeds play an important role in the food because they are rich in vitamin e.\n

2. dark Chocolate

\nDark chocolate is referred to as a nutritious food, because it not only helps to increase the sexual life, but also helps to raise blood flow because it has a flavonol. Many people like dark chocolate because it is the best type of chocolate, is rich in cocoa, antioxidants and has a bit of sugar. Dark chocolate also helps to detoxify your body, as well. Certainly, this type of chocolate has calories to supply its power.\n

3. ginkgo Biloba

\nginkgo Biloba\n\nIf you want to enlarge your penis, you must not forget this type of food. If you don’t know about this food, take action now by adding this nutrient in their food because it can help increase blood circulation and help you improve your mind.\n

4. ginger

\nginger\n\nOne of the best foods for the improvement of the penis is ginger. If your immune system is weak, the Ginger is good choice to improve. In many ways, this nutrient is very useful, especially for your current target, increasing your penis health. Ginger may increase blood flow which is good for your penis, also helps you burn fat very efficiently. On the other hand, ginger may help increase blood circulation to the organs. Therefore, you will get a fit body as well as masculinity.\n

5. cayenne pepper

\ncayenne pepper\n\nHave you ever thought that cayenne pepper is the great source for penis enlargement? While most of the men used this type of spice to your daily meals, they don’t know that Cayenne may help improve the size of the penis. Cayenne Pepper increases your metabolism, as well as the circulation of the blood. You can mix the pepper with Apple Cider vinegar every day; the best time is in the morning. This taste, is probably not great for you, but you will receive the greatest benefits from it.\n

How to grow your penis bigger tips and expert advice

\nIf diet and exercise plan does not help you get a bigger penis, you should follow some other aspects such as:\n\n1. Turn Up The Heat\n\nIan Kerner, sex therapist says that blood flow is crucial if you want to improve your penis size and penis health. When you turn on more and more, you will feel bigger inside.\n\n2. encourage him to Lay Off the solo sex\n\nIf a man has not sexing for days, without a doubt, the flow of blood into your penis will be full. When does it again, he will feel growing. Indeed, it is perhaps difficult to accept because you don’t have him masturbate if you don’t have any kind of explanation. You must explain why you should do it.\nKerner suggests that you can recommend phases as “they are full at this time, you should not use a computer every day, get” or you can activate the Seinfeld that you can see that you can go, don’t need to masturbate.\n\n3. using a penis pump\n\nAccording to the sexual specialist , to increase your penis size, you can try to use a penis pump when you have sexual intercourse. If you are in a prostate procedure or you have radiation therapy, the penis pump is very useful for you. In this way it is very cheap and very effective, safe, this is one of the best ways for you.\n\n4. lose weight\n\nYou think that the fat you are, smaller penis? If you want to add the size of your penis, to lose weight immediately, of course, if you’re fat. I can explain simply like this, the pelvic region will be sifted on if your body is overweight. Fat in the thighs can make the multitude of genitals.\n\nIf you have obesity, surely, you will have a small penis. Need to burn fat now and add length to your penis because it is fat around his penis to limit your penis grow. If you are 30 pounds overweight, when you lose weight, you’ll see the bone through your penis will get smaller and far away. Dramatically, his penis will be larger and larger:\n\nIf you lose weight, you can collect additional inches of his penis (if you are 30 pounds overweight or older.\nIf you increase the appearance of your penis, your penis will look larger and larger.\n\n5. pubic hair trim\n\nOne of the factors that can make your shorter penis is non-pubic hair trimming. Through the reduction of hair, you can increase the sensitivity of the penis – according to sex specialists. If you want to see your big penis, he stopped shaving the pubic hair. In this way, you can reveal your penis length. Recommended reading: advantage of penis – a new course for men who want to learn how to get a bigger penis longer, thicker and stronger.\n\n6. increase the blood flow to your penis (get an erection)\n\nSex specialists say have more blood flow to your penis the bigger will look like exercising regularly will keep your blood flowing. You can do exercises pubococcugeus to the penis with blood flowing. In addition, by masturbating with or even without ejaculating, you can get sexually stimulated to increase the blood flow to your penis to help make it look larger

How To Grow Your Penis Bigger Naturally
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