Read more about Identify Associated with Your .\r\n\r\nVaginal Discharge is a fluid that comes out of the . The appearance of Vaginal Discharge can be natural if it occurs in an amount that is not excessive. However, on the contrary it could be a symptom of illness when it comes to strange things that make yourself uncomfortable. For example, striking colors, odor, texture, or pain that arise in the skin area of ​​female organs.Identify Vaginal Discharge Colors\r\n\r\nTherefore, as a woman, at least you should know the various colors of Vaginal Discharge that may someday appear in you. Vaginal Discharge colors also relate to your health, you know. Especially the health of sex organs. So, you check the following article. Check this out!\r\n\r\nThis article provides information about How to Identify Vaginal Discharge Colors. Let’s see below here.\r\n

How to Identify Vaginal Discharge Colors:

\r\nThen what is Identify Vaginal Discharge Colors Associated with Your Health? Make sure you see the following info carefully, because there are some things you should pay attention to.\r\n

Clear and elastic

\r\nVaginal Discharge like this usually comes after the end of your menstrual period, the appearance of which is initially a rather dense color. Try taking Vaginal Discharge liquid with finger, then stretch it between two fingers. If the color is clear and elastic after stretched to the maximum, it’s a sign that you’re approaching ovulation and Vaginal Discharge is normal.\r\n

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White color

\r\nThe appearance of this type of vaginal discharge is usually before and after menstruation. However, you should be aware that the white fluid that comes out with itching and odor is not as savory as fishy, ​​it could be a sign that your feminine area has a yeast infection. Immediately consult a doctor is the right step.\r\n


\r\nYou should be wary if the vaginal discharge coming out of your vagina is yellow. Because, there could be organisms of germs that grow and nest there, Usually, germs enter through sexual relations. If you have this, you also need to be aware of symptoms of gonorrhoe, chlamydia, and trichomonas infections. Bacterial mycoplasma hominis and gardnerella vaginalis are also the cause of this type of Vaginal Discharge.\r\n


\r\nUsually Vaginal Discharge that comes with a brown color occurs in the menstrual period, early pregnancy, or menopause. Vaginal Discharge can also be a sign of disease in your vagina. If Vaginal Discharge is abnormal, such as accompanied by back pain and buttocks and unpleasant odors, you should be aware that this may be an early sign of cervical cancer or pelvic inflammatory disease.\r\n

Green color

\r\nIf Vaginal Discharge appears in large quantities and is accompanied by a bad smell and also pain in female organs, you should be suspicious if Vaginal Discharge is a symptom of reproductive organ infections. Trichomonas vaginalis is a protozoa that causes Vaginal Discharge to become green. At a severe whitish level, you will experience a burning sensation and itching around the area of ​​femininity. The cause is Nisseria gonorrhoe or GO.\r\n

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\r\nVaginal Discharge out of gray with itchiness, bad odor, and reddish swelling around the vaginal opening may need serious attention from the doctor. Because, it could be caused by harmful bacteria. Severe gray color followed by blood and is watery. Chances are, you’re having cancer.\r\n\r\nWhatever color Vaginal Discharge you experience, if it looks unnatural that is marked with odor or pain, you can immediately contact your genitals to get proper treatment. Otherwise, Vaginal Discharge becomes a serious illness in the future.\r\n\r\nNow you already know the info about How to Identify Vaginal Discharge Colors that can help and useful for you …

Identify 6 Vaginal Discharge Colors Associated with Your Health
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