Kombucha is mushroom tea originated from East Asia (Japan) and spread to Germany via Russia around the turn of the 20th century. Healers various diseases are increasingly widely used in households in various countries in Asia.

Kombucha Benefits for Health
Kombucha Benefits for Health

Kombucha tea is a product of the traditional fermented drink tea and sugar solution using microbial starter Kombucha (Acetobacter xylinum and several types of yeasts) and fermented for 8-12 days. Kombucha is an ancient beverage concoctions, which is the result of a symbiosis of bacteria and yeast Kombucha originating from Eastern Asia, and came to Germany via Russia around the end of the last century. Kombucha functioned as healers of various diseases has been used repeatedly in various Asian Nations ladder at home.

Kombucha mushroom is a fungus-tissue membranes are guillotined and clay, as well as a flat disc-shaped. Live in Kombucha tea-sugar a nutrient solution that grows with the way germination. In the beginning, the dish of mushrooms growing on the surface of the tea and then extends to thicken. When treated correctly, this fungus will grow rapidly and healthily, so will live throughout the ages owners as well as their descendants.

Great benefits of kombucha for health

Generally believed to be the result of fermentation is useful to streamline the body’s metabolism, antioxidant, cell regeneration process and destroy the blockage occurs in the blood vessels. Kombucha gels which are not used anymore can also be used to smooth skin and good for the women was also used as a fertilizer plant.

Kombucha mushroom has long been known, among them to treat constipation and digestive disturbances. Additionally fungal tea is helpful for overcoming the pain during menstruation. With a sense of wry, slightly herbal is capable of suppressing heartburn even overcome insomnia. Of course the new benefits are felt with the drinking routine, rules and not excessive.

The main advantage of Kombucha tea is its ability to cleanse the body of toxins and waste the body in ways that can be said quickly. Another advantage that this tea Kombucha is its ability to affect the entire active glands in the body, whether it relates to important organs or merely glands-glands sweat and tears. Therefore, it is not surprising for people who habitually drank Kombucha tea is not only look healthy and full of vitality, but also looks ageless natural freshness.

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Kombucha was beneficial to boost immunity, improve vitality, as well as strengthen and balance the work of the organs of the body. In addition, Kombucha can alleviate even eliminate joint pain.

The last thing the usefulness and benefits of Kombucha tea is its ability to prevent indigestion, get rid of dull pain and soreness of muscles or joints, cure asthma, bronchitis, cough is also in a relatively short time (only about 2 to 3 days), overcoming the nervous tension, allergies, also effective to overcome the kidney problem.

In 1996, a man named Bev Ferguson, owner of Kombucha Manna International made a survey in a Kombucha mailing list with 600 people from around the world (it has now reached more than 2,000 5,000 people). They share experiences, benefit what they get after consuming Kombucha Tea. The result is then mapped as follows:

  • 82% resistant to colds, flu
  • 81% increased body condition
  • 81% are free from constipation
  • 44% Experienced increased energy
  • 42% free from the pain of arthritis
  • 30% of body weight to be balanced
  • 27% Have a healthier sleep patterns
  • 27% Relief from heartburn and digestive problems
  • 24% weight loss of 2.5-5 kg
  • 21% improvement in skin quality
  • 19% Helped from PMS symptoms
  • 19% free from allergies
  • 17% decrease in blood pressure Cholesterol &
  • 17% reduced sugar addiction
  • 13% Reduce cramps and discomfort during menstruation
  • 13% Decrease caffeine addiction
  • 12% Have better concentration levels
  • 12% Eliminate the growth of pre-skin cancer
  • 10% Eliminate moles and the effects of aging
  • 9% free of Migraines
  • 8% improvement in the quality of hair and nails
  • 8% increase in Libido
  • 7% Returns to its original color hair color
  • 7% Helped from the symptoms of menopause
  • 6% lose weight 10 kg
  • 6% of people with cancer maintains the status of ‘ free from cancer ‘ for 1-4 years
  • 5% Dispel nausea due to chemotherapy
    hair re grow 4%
  • 3% increase in T-cells in the blood
  • 3% of people with cancer maintains the status of ‘ cancer free ‘ for less than one year
  • 2% of people with cancer maintains the status of ‘ cancer-free ‘ for 5 years more
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Kombucha Tea

To make the tea, originally as an ordinary tea. Then dissolve yeast a cause of Kombucha in tea that had been refrigerated. In the circumstances covered in tea fungus, silenced for 8 to 12 days to experience the process of brewing or fermentation.

Please note, the tea is used as a solvent is Kombucha mushroom, green tea or black tea. Currently, the mother mushroom Kombucha can be easily found on the market. Kombucha tea in packaging has been available in the market.

Kombucha will taste sour when fermented over a week, could even cause a very wry. Kombucha is said to ‘ destroy ‘ nutritious probiotic 30 types of disease in suffered by humans, such as diabetes, rheumatism, gout, ulcers and other ailments suffered by adults.

Sour taste was caused due to the content of acetic acid and glukoronat acid produced by Acetobacter xylinum. So, it’s actually less fitting if the Kombucha mushroom said, because the ORB like gelatin that is an embodiment of the thousands of troops who formed the microbial colonies and will change the sugar water into various kinds of vitamins and nutritional substances.

Kombucha Benefits for Health
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