One of the typical concerns being used a traditional timber sealer is the influence any kind of possible arsenic in the item has on your .\r\n\r\nAccording to the World Health and wellness Company, arsenic can create throwing up, abdominal/digestive problems, numbness or tingling, muscle cramps, skin lesions, skin cancer cells, bladder and also lung cancer cells, as well as more. An additional usual ingredient is petroleum distillates, linked to every little thing from respiratory concerns to liver and kidney dysfunction.Natural Wood Sealer\r\n\r\nTraditionally, an eco-friendly wood sealer would certainly have been made with an oil or wax, such as linseed, beeswax, or tung, and also something like vinegar or mineral spirits. Dishes are plentiful online for ways to make these, however their outcomes might vary. Some individuals experience needing to reapply too often or of mold issues. Reality be told, if we want something absolutely natural and standard there WILL be more work involved. Yet what occurs if you still live in the modern-day world, can’t turn the homemade version, yet typically aren’t prepared to endanger on security for on your own or the atmosphere?\r\n\r\nWhen we consulted with a wide range of companies as well as asked them to take part in our , this is exactly what we wanted to know. In total the following firms supplied their tries: ECOS, Safecoat (2 samples), EarthSase (2 tries), Homestead (4 tries), and Master’s Blend (2 samples).\r\n

most effective Natural Wood Sealer

\r\nOur concern in regards to exactly what we searched for begun with sustainability as well as whether its hazardous to the individual, but additionally consisted of the performance (due to the fact that nothing can be considered sustainable if it does not really job). We tried to find the complying with in each brand name:\r\n


  • Exactly how environmentally friendly is it?
  • \r\n

  • Just how was the coverage?
  • \r\n

  • Does it have a smell?
  • \r\n

  • Does it do as expected?
  • \r\n

  • Does it hold up to the elements?
  • \r\n

  • Just how does it look?
  • \r\n

\r\nBased upon the classifications of examples we received, we chose to sample them in sets and also side-by-side where feasible, to make sure that we made certain any kind of differences were not based upon the moisture or quality of the wood. We likewise examined most with the numerous organic timber discolorations we were evaluating in case this showed us any type of differences.\r\n

ECOS WoodShield

\r\nECOS sent us their WoodShield Varnish (Satin) to test out. It’s a water-based, very reduced smell, and zero VOC coating. It likewise has no solvents, although its MSDS does detail making use of titanium dioxide in its exterior variations (we made use of indoor).\r\n\r\nThe WoodShield left a difficult, reasonably glossy coating, and we discovered it to have excellent water-resistance. Of all the more sealant surfaces we tried (not oil or wax) this was probably likewise the most eco-friendly.\r\n

SafeCoat Acrylacq

\r\nSafeCoat’s Acrylacq is both SCS as well as LEED accredited, water-based, low-VOC, as well as non-toxic. The MSDS only noted basic safety measures and no “warning” or “danger” label. The odor was poignant but reduced.\r\n\r\nWe located this one to have good water resistance, yet a slightly over cast appearance to the end product, especially when water was used. It dried swiftly as well as left a shiny, satin finish, like you would anticipate from an acrylic surface.\r\n

SafeCoat PolyureSeal BP

\r\nSafeCoat’s PolyureSeal is additionally SCS and also LEED accredited, non-toxic, water-based, and also low-VOC. The same MSDS precaution applies to Polyureseal as the Acrylacq, along with the exact same reduced but pungent fragrance.\r\n\r\nThis one had the most effective water-resistance of any of the timber sealer types we attempted. The water right away beaded and escape the applied area. We tried their gloss coating and also really did not see a large distinction between it as well as the satin Acrylacq surface.\r\n

EarthSafe Sealer

\r\nThis organic timber sealer from EarthSafe includes no VOCs and also had practically no smell. Sadly it’s MSDS, which really did not detail all its ingredients, does disclose that it consists of an active ingredient “understood by the state of California to trigger cancer cells or birth defects”.\r\n\r\nThis was instead unsatisfactory to discover after the truth, considering that we in fact really liked this wood sealer. It left a hard, shiner surface area, quite water immune and dried rapidly with no smell. I do hope they’ll reveal their active ingredients or make changes to their formula to eliminate anything possibly hazardous, as it’s or else a fantastic sealer.\r\n


EarthSafe Spot and Sealer

\r\nEarthSafe likewise sent us an all-natural timber tarnish and also sealer in one (in the shade of Fruitwood).\r\n\r\nIt is additionally water-based and non-toxic with no VOC, bu it did have a solid odor. An added bonus was that it is a two-in-one item, which reduces down on consumption as well as waste, nevertheless our thoughts on it as a tarnish are much better gone over right here.\r\n\r\nBecause this is a sealer the thickness as well as discolor was more thick and a little bit more difficult to deal with. We applied two layers and saw great protection and uniformity in its application.\r\n\r\nMiss Mustard Seed Waxes\r\n3 waxes were sent out to us by Homestead Residence to try as a timber sealer/finisher: Furniture wax, antiquing wax, and white wax. Each wax is made from beeswax and also caranuba wax, with a white tint offered to the white wax and a darker tint provided to the antiquating wax to create the desired result. All 3 had very little smell, although the tinted waxes were a little bit a lot more poignant.\r\n\r\nAll three worked actually well at pushing back water, either beading the water and just running. The antiquing and also white wax gave an obvious different impact to the wood, while the furniture wax just intensified the wood’s all-natural appeal.\r\n\r\nNone of the 3 waxes left any type of sheen or gloss as well as instead provided a nice natural result to the wood, bringing out its grain and also conditioning it. They only point that may be a downside is exactly how commonly it requires to be applied if you’re utilizing it as an all-natural wood sealant.\r\n\r\nHomestead House Hemp Oil Finish\r\nThe Hemp Oil from Homestead is -safe, includes no chemicals, and is 100% hempseed oil with only an organic nutty fragrance.\r\n\r\nIt doesn’t gloss or leave a shine of any kind of kind and till we looked very carefully we didn’t recognize that what it really does is inspire out the organic grain of the wood, which was truly lovely. Leaving water on the hemp timber sealer we really did not observe any type of beading or repelling. If you’re utilizing it for something like a bed, where contact with water in not likely, this might be fine.\r\n\r\nMaster’s Blend Tung Oil\r\n\r\nMaster’s Blend Tung Oil is ONE HUNDRED% pure, non-toxic, and lasting. And the scent is not also just what could be identified as an “odor”; rather it just scents nutty and also absolutely organic (as well as likewise extremely minimal – we could barely scent it, even when utilizing it inside your home).\r\n\r\nThe drawback we located with the tung oil was how long it took to dry between layers – 2-3 days! We do not include a solvent to increase drying time (they provide a more secure citrus solvent), so that might have altered our whole point of view of it. As it was, it dried out erratically therefore gradually that we would certainly be hesitant to use it once again up until we examined it with the citrus solvent. The finished outcome was likewise not what we expected. The internet site claims a difficult, hard surface yet we felt the timber simply looked dry after some time, and also never “difficult”.\r\n\r\nMaster’s Blend Preserve\r\n\r\nThe Preserve is in fact a timber sealant utilized largely for things such as cutting boards, wooden utensils or bowls, kids’s toys, etc. It’s 100% organic, made from a variety of nuts, as well as the only fragrance was just that – nutty.\r\n\r\nWe checked this on our wood cutting board and also spatulas, none which had been treated in years. They gobbled 2-3 layers quite quickly due to the fact that of this. It was easy to apply, although oily and also a little messy. Once you wipe the timber, there is no greasy feel left and also everything was conditioned as well as looked wonderful (even after a number of soapy washes). Application once again would certainly should occur anywhere from every 6-12+ months, relying on usage and also conditions. We were really pleased with this one however.\r\n

Our Judgment: Which did we like?

\r\nIt truly depends.\r\n\r\nWhenever possible I ‘d most likely go with the oil surface or the fundamental furniture wax initially, simply since they are without a doubt one of the most eco-friendly choice. However, if you’re sealing something versus water, utilizing the coatings skillfully, or desire to prevent the need to reapply regularly, these possibly wouldn’t be your very first option. But not willing to compromise the results they’re looking for due to the fact that of that they typically aren’t the most sensible choice for several consumers who might be interested in non-toxic choices.\r\n\r\nOf the sealant finishes we were most amazed with the EarthSafe and ECOS brand names of timber sealant. I would not call them the most lasting option in the globe (specifically compared to oils and also waxes), but they are certainly a much safer alternative to traditional selections when made use of with safety measure.\r\n\r\nThree waxes were sent out to us by Homestead Residence to sample as a timber sealer/finisher: Furnishings wax, antiquing wax, as well as white wax. None of the three waxes left any sheen or gloss and also instead gave a wonderful organic impact to the timber, inspiring out its grain and also conditioning it. They just point that could be a downside is just how usually it requires to be applied if you’re utilizing it as an all-natural wood sealer. Leaving water on the hemp timber sealant we didn’t see any kind of beading or repelling. Of the sealant finishes we were most impressed with the EarthSafe and ECOS brand names of wood sealer.

Natural Wood Sealer: Which is the most effective?
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