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  • Pharmaceutical and medical no. 1 recommended brand
  • It is automatically activated when the wrist is at the level of the heart
  • The light blue indicator confirms when in the correct position it ensures accurate readings constantly
  • Discreet and convenient portable wrist unit allows you to control blood pressure in any place
  • Hypertension indicator icon alerts you if the reading exceeds guidelines internationally recognized for normal home blood pressure levels
  • Advanced average feature automatically displays the average of up to three last readings taken during the last 10 minutes
  • Two user-mode allows that several users track 100 readings
  • Each one separately stored in memory with the date and time stamp

Product Info & Review:

The Omron 7 Series Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor active when the wrist is at the level of the heart and has consistent and accurate readings. This convenient tool can take almost anywhere to check your blood pressure at any time. Omron wrist blood pressure monitor is discreet and has many functions. The blue light blinks indicates when you are in the correct position to begin with.

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This automatic wrist blood pressure monitor also has an average function that compares the three latest readings taken in the last 10 minutes. In addition, you and another person can use this machine since it has a user interface of two that tracks 100 independent readings. It is also a date and a time-stamp storage memory function. Monitor blood pressure Omron 7 series doll is ideal for those who are on the road.

How Accurate Is The Omron 7 Series UltraSilent Wrist ?

Very accurate, a lot of people who have purchased it have been very surprised by its accuracy for a wrist monitor. Omron 7 series ultra-silent wrist monitor comes with a technology of heart that ensures that your wrist is at the level of the heart until you take a reading. Basically it’s him holding his wrist through his chest, and wait until you can take a correct reading. This does not take long at all.

What is also nice is that it includes average of advanced, which gives you a much better idea of how your blood pressure has been a trend for 8 weeks.

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How many readings does?

It is a whopping 200 readings. This is comparable to the models of the upper end of the pressure monitors blood arm that Omron has. That is a lot of reading, especially with its characteristic of two users mode that allows you to share space with a partner or spouse. Unable to load their own data with this model. However, it should not be a problem taking into account how many readings can be stored. You can easily take this to your doctor with sufficient data to show you how your blood pressure has been doing.

Omron 7 Series UltraSilent Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Review
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