Read more about 5 Reasons Why Feel Pain.Like the vagina, breasts became one of the most private part for women. Therefore, various aspects related to breast should be known to women. Not only support the appearance, breasts also have a variety of important functions for the body.Although already noted in such a way, still the pain in the breast is often there. Naturally, if some women are paranoid, especially if the pain whack the private parts such as breasts. In order to avoid discomfort and overcome anxiety, you should know the common reasons why breasts are often sore.Breasts Feel PainThis article provides information about Reasons Why Breasts Pain. Let’s see below here.

Reasons Why Breasts Feel Pain:

Then what is 5 Reasons Why Breasts Feel Pain? Make sure you see the following info carefully, because there are some things you should pay attention to.


You are in a period of pre menstruation

The most common cause of pain in the breast, namely hormonal changes, either before or during menstruation. According to one of the assistant professors at Icahn School of Medicine, New York, Taraneh Shirazian, the pain experienced is usually associated with a blood cycle that changes during the period.

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Pulling objects with excessive force

Exercising too hard, lifting heavy, exhausting items so one of the reasons why your breasts hurt. Use a warm pad and place it on the breast to relieve the pain.

Wear a bra with an incorrect size

Wrong wearing a bra size can cause a pretty serious situation in the chest area. If the bra is worn too tight or the bra cup is too small, indirectly can suppress your breasts. Moreover, if this goes on all day.

Excessive sweating in the breast area

Especially for those of you who have a larger breast size, activities that sweat a lot can be a cause of breast pain. Overcome this pain should use a sports bra that is absorbing sweat.

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Too much caffeine consumption

When some people say coffee and tea do not directly cause pain in the breast, but some studies show a reduction in caffeine consumption can reduce discomfort, related to pain in the breast that is often experienced by women.Now you already know the info about Reasons Why Breasts Pain that can help and useful for you …

5 Reasons Why Breasts Feel Pain
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