Read more about Recognizing Signs A Month.Globally, the number one cause of death every year is cardiovascular disease. This disease occurs due to the habit of consuming junk food, stress and cigarettes.Data from the World Organization (WHO) states, every 6.5 seconds, one person died of caused by smoking habits. Smoking habits have also been studied to increase the number of patients with coronary heart disease and stroke by 2 to 4 times, depending on the length of a person smoking, and the number of cigarettes smoked each day.Recognizing Heart Attack SignsWhile data from the Ministry of Health recorded, in 2008 is estimated as many as 17.3 million deaths caused by cardiovascular disease. More than 3 million of these deaths occur before the age of 60 years and should be preventable.Patients can sometimes survive, if they quickly get CPR and defribrillators used very quickly to shock the heart and return it to a normal rhythm.To prevent it, certainly living a healthy lifestyle is the key. But besides that, there you need to know the symptoms of a heart attack a month before it happens.This article provides information about Recognizing Heart Attack Signs. Let’s see below here.


Recognizing Heart Attack Signs:

Then what is Recognizing Heart Attack Signs? Make sure you see the following info carefully, because there are some things you should pay attention to.

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1. Fatigue

When the arteries narrow, your heart will be deficient in blood. This makes the heart work much harder than usual to leave feeling tired and drowsy most of the time.

2. Shortness to breathe

When you lack blood supply, this means the lungs can no longer get as much oxygen to the lungs as they normally would. Finally, the two systems depend on each other. If you have trouble breathing, you should consult a doctor as soon as possible, because it could mean you will soon have a heart attack.

3. Weakness

When the body is weak, it means the arteries narrowed due to the blood circulation is not smooth. When your muscles do not get what they need, you can experience fatigue.

3. Dizziness and cold sweat

Poor circulation also causes blood flow to your brain is limited. So, do not underestimate the headache and cold sweat.

4. Chest depressed

The first symptom of a heart attack is the discomfort in your chest. Either it feels sick or depressed.

5. Flu

If you feel as if you have symptoms of flu because of an attack of chest pain, you should be careful.

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Warning signs

In the four-week period until the heart attack occurred, researchers found more than half of the patients examined, suggesting symptoms that could predict heart attacks.In the study, 56 percent of patients who experienced chest pain, 13 percent of whom showed signs of dyspnea or shortness of breath. And the other 4 percent experience dizziness, syncope, or loss of consciousness, and heart palpitations.From the Daily Mail page, in 10 percent of cases, patients experience flu-like symptoms in the run up to the heart attack. The scientists also tested people in 825 cases of sudden cardiac arrest.Now you already know the info about Recognizing Heart Attack Signs that can help and useful for you …

Recognizing Heart Attack Signs A Month
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