Read more about Have a Small Penis? Enlarge Its Size by 10 Ways.\r\n\r\nNot all men are endowed with a large penis naturally. Thus, men often feel stressed when talking about the size and thickness of the penis it has.\r\n\r\nSometimes because the problem is so sensitive, men are shy to discuss it. Though there may be men who have problems with the penis, especially the size that is not too big. Because of embarrassment, then not a few men who then perform illegal actions to enlarge the penis is likely to be fatal.Enlarge Small Penis Size\r\n\r\nThis article provides information about Enlarge Small Penis Size by 10 Ways. Let’s see below here.\r\n

Enlarge Small Penis Size by 10 Ways:

\r\nEnlarge Small Penis Size by 10 Ways? Make sure you see the following info carefully, because there are some things you should pay attention to.\r\n\r\nMen should know that lifestyle changes can affect the size and thickness of the penis. If a man wishes to have a penis size naturally, here are some tips that can be done\r\n

1. Stop smoking

\r\nAny particles in cigarette smoke that will block the arteries in your body. No wonder if smoking is always associated with heart disease.\r\n\r\nInadequate blood supply to the organs, will also occur in your penis.\r\n

2. Avoid high-calorie foods

\r\nEating a diet rich in fat and calories balanced with an unhealthy lifestyle, causes heart disease and makes penis size smaller. Lack of exercise can increase cholesterol in the arteries, thus limiting blood flow to the penis.\r\n

3. Vegetables and fruits

\r\nEat vegetables and fruits rich in antioxidants you should do. The compounds contained in it will fight free radicals in the arteries and also strengthen the arteries.\r\n\r\nSo, consume vegetables and fruits that are rich in antioxidants for your penis to grow bigger.\r\n

4. Avoid fat belly

\r\nPot belly will reduce the size of your penis. Even if your penis is big, it will look smaller if your stomach is bloated.\r\n

5. Reduce stress

\r\nAnxiety and excessive stress reduce penis size, because negative emotions will inhibit blood flow from the penis, making it difficult to make the penis larger.\r\n

6. Stretching

\r\nTo make this move, make your fingers look like an OK sign. Then hold your penis still with the finger shape like the OK sign. Then, gently grasp the shaft and pull like stretch. Perform this movement in different directions with each time duration of 7 minutes.\r\n

7. With thumbs up

\r\nThe following techniques to improve penis hardness. The trick is to place your thumb and forefinger on the head of the penis. Then with the other finger, hold the penis. Then pull the penis head gently but firmly downwards. Repeat this movement with a duration of about 10 seconds.\r\n

8. Gripping

\r\nOf course this movement does not teach you to grip the penis hard. But do it gently but firmly. The purpose of this movement is to improve blood circulation to the penis so as to enlarge its size.\r\n\r\n9. With a warm towel\r\nUsing a warm towel, place the towel on your penis. The warm temperature of this towel will increase blood flow to the penis thus reducing the problems associated with erectile dysfunction.\r\n\r\nErection\r\nIt turns out with an erection, you can increase penis size you know. Of course to do so you must have an erection first. After you get an erection, just stretch in a different direction for 10 seconds each direction.\r\n\r\nlive as quoted Health Me Up, Thursday (09/04/2014)\r\n\r\nNow you already know the info about Enlarge Small Penis Size by 10 Ways that can help and useful for you …

Have a Small Penis? Enlarge Its Size by 10 Ways
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