Read more about 12 Surprising about .Things related to the breast is very interesting, because sometimes there are many facts that we do not know much.Behind the discussion on how to treat and examine breast health and its function.Surprising Facts about BreastsThis article provides information about Surprising Facts about Breasts. Let’s see below here.

Surprising Facts about Breasts:

Then what is Surprising Facts about Breasts? Make sure you see the following info carefully, because there are some things you should pay attention to.Here are 15 other facts about breast that may surprise you

1. The size gets bigger

Changes in body size is enlarged, the size of her breasts grow. One of the countries that experienced it is the United States.According to one fashion media ’s Wear Daily, the average breast size of in the United States evolved over time. A decade ago 34B is now 34DD. According to experts this is caused by the high obesity.”Obesity is the cause of the average female ukura bras of US is greater than the rest of the world and has continued to increase in the last 10 years,” explained Lauren Streicher, MD, assistant professor of gynecology clinics at Feinberg School of Medicine. Added again by Streicher, when weight decreased a few pounds does not mean the breast shrinks like a waist circumference.

2. Women want breasts that are not owned

Many women are not satisfied with her breasts. The big want small, the small want big.This is proven by data monitoring at the American Society of Plastic Surgeon. In 2010 there were 296,000 implant surgical procedures to enlarge breasts and 170,000 breast shrink procedures.

3. Bra was created in the 19th century

Before the 19th century women used corsets to support their breasts. New in the early 20th century underwear resembles a bra of today is created. In 1930 new bra began to be marketed on a large scale and appeared the term ‘cup’ in the alphabet (A, B, C, D) to distinguish the size of the bra.Unfortunately, until now women are still wrong to determine the right bra for her. Even according to studies from Sports Medicine Australia and Breast Research Australia about 80% of women wrongly determine the size of the right bra to support the breasts. Not only disturbed appearance can also back pain.

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4. Many women who breastfeed

Era may be modern but the awareness of women giving breast milk for the bigger baby. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there has been an increase in the number of breastfeeding mothers since 2007. An increase of 3% per year in which mothers breastfeed babies up to three months and 4% who continue to breastfeed for up to 6 months.Those with high income and over 30 years of age do this. As is known breastfeeding babies with breast milk not only saves money but also protects babies from illness and creates bonding between mother and child.

5. There are some legal places with bare chests

in some states of the United States such as New York, Ohio, Texas legalize bare-chested women.

6. are more interested in seeing the chest than the face

The study by researchers from the University of Wellington found 47% of men first glance at the chest of women, while the first look at the face is only 20%.The men who saw the chest first revealed how the breast health of women without considering the size.

7. The shape of the breast can change every month

The rise and fall of hormones in the menstrual cycle affects breast changes every month. In addition, the size and shape of the breast will change at the time of puberty, pregnancy and childbirth, and at menopause.

8. Hair around the nipple is normal

Not all women have hair on the nipple, but if there is a hair this is normal, says Streicher.If a woman has a lot of hair and hair on her body there is the possibility of growing fine hairs around the nipple. But that need to watch out when the number of hair in the section more and more, Streicher suggested to see a doctor, it could be a sign of a medical problem to note.

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9. Can have more than 2

Supernumerary nipples or additional nipples, can grow elsewhere other than in the breast. This extra nipple is usually present starting from the armpit then down the breast to the groin.

10. Most lumps are found not cancer

Finding a lump in the breast must make women immediately worried, perhaps dangerous. However, about 80-85% of the lumps found in the breast are not cancerous. This fact applies to women aged 40 years.But it could not hurt to find a lump to see a doctor as soon as possible to avoid something bad.

11. Smoking makes breasts sagging

A 2007 study showed that breastfeeding did not cause breast sagging and decreased, but smoking allowed this to happen. According to researchers from the University of Kentucky smoking interferes with elastin in healthy breasts, elastin is a protein that helps support the breast.

12. Signs when pregnant

Some women do not realize she is pregnant, especially in the first trimester. However, the breasts already tell of pregnancy where the breasts grow significantly significantly, especially in the first trimesterEveryday Health Now you already know the info about Surprising Facts about Breasts that can help and useful for you …

12 Surprising Facts about Breasts
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