Read more about 7 Things That Happen To ’s During .Having sex can affect the whole body. In women, sex does not just change and make the (Miss V) react. In one of the erotic zones of women, the breasts will also be affected by sexual activity.When aroused and all the blood flows to all the body, including to the , most women realize that her nipples are hard and erect. But if you do not experience it, there may be things that happen in the during sexThings That Happen To Women's Breasts During SexThis article provides information about Things That Happen To Women’s Breasts During Sex. Let’s see below here.

Things That Happen To Women’s Breasts During Sex:

Then what is Things That Happen To Women’s Breasts During Sex? Make sure you see the following info carefully, because there are some things you should pay attention to.

1. So more sensitive

Breasts enter in the sensitive zone. When passionate of course these organs become more sensitive to the touch. Not only the nipple, but also the areola, and the breast as a whole.


2. Greater

The body undergoes four distinct stages during intercourse: joy, plateau, , and resolution. During the plateau phase the body such as expands and swells, to anticipate .When making love, Miss V expands about two-thirds of the usual size during this phase. Breasts are also larger, precisely larger to 20 to 25 percent.

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3. Areola swell

Not only the size of larger breasts, areola also swell when intimate. This is the combination of the breast becomes filled with blood that results in size changes. Sometimes the areola is so swollen that the nipple is not visible erect. In fact, as long as women are horny nipples will harden.

4. Sweating

It is an apocrine gland in the areola that releases pheromones (“perspiration”). On the conscious level you and your partner may not be able to smell or detect its presence. Both of you will only become more attracted to each other sexually.

5. The breast asks the brain to release oxytocin

When breasts are stroked, nipple stimulation sends a memo to the brain by saying it’s time to release oxytocin. Oxytocin, known as the love hormone, makes people feel affectionate, and is a major component in creating emotional bonds during sex.

6. Give help to orgasm

According to a Rutgers University study, there is a neurological connection between the nipple and clitoral stimulation. This means, women who have difficulty orgasm can be helped by the stimulation of both breasts to reach climax. In fact, there are some women whose excitement only comes from the nipple only.

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7. Changed color

The combination of estrogen through the body and the stimulation of the blood vessels causes the bottom or sides of the breast to appear pink. This pink color can also spread to the upper abdomen and neck.Before becoming pink, the breast is blue because the vein in the breast becomes more visible thanks to vasocongestion(Bustle)Now you already know the info about Things That Happen To Women’s Breasts During Sex that can help and useful for you …

7 Things That Happen To Women’s Breasts During Sex
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