Read more about Recognize 5 Types of Smell on According to .Have you heard, the vagina turned out to have a distinctive odor. Apparently, the smell of vagina is diverse, you know. But, do not let you think any vagina that smells abnormal and diseased. Because a healthy vagina also emits a distinctive odor. The rate also varies each day, depending on how active you are to go through activities.Types of Smell on VaginaEven so, there are several kinds of odors that are not normal in the vagina. Usually this stinging smell is a sign of growth of bacteria, viruses, fungi, or even venereal diseases. So that you can prevent dangerous diseases, first identify the five kinds of odors in the vagina are not fair below.This article provides information about Types of Smell on Vagina According to Health. Let’s see below here.

Types of Smell on Vagina According to Health:

Then what is Recognize 5 Types of Smell on Vagina According to Health? Make sure you see the following info carefully, because there are some things you should pay attention to.


The smell of fish

If your vagina smells stingy, even smells of rotten fish, there may be an infection occurring inside your vagina. Usually, this stinging smell is also followed by whiteness. Well, you also have to recognize the whitish color. You see, color and odor determine the disease and the cause of vaginal infections. For example, if the smell is so stingy as the stench, and out of whiteness that the color is green, you should check with your doctor. It may be a sign that you have trichomoniasis.

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Bleachy or smell like chlorine

Usually, the call it bleachy or smell like chlorine. Usually, this odor appears after you make love using a certain lubricant. Whether using a condom or not, this odor is very reasonable. So, you do not have to worry if after making your vagina smell like chlorine.

Smelled like fungus

Normally, in your vagina there are many good bacteria and fungi that protect you from germs and bad bacteria from the outside. But, when the fungus grows too much, it is likely to appear an infection in your vagina. Infection caused by this fungus usually cause odor. Although not too sting, but you should consult a doctor. Because the growth of fungus too much can also interfere with health.

Smell like blood

If you sometimes smell a different smell, like blood at certain times of the month, do not worry too much. Because during menstruation, dirty blood coming out of the healthy vagina will cause a slightly different odor. Take it easy, smell like normal before, at the time, and after the menstrual period.

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Sweet smell

What you eat also affects the smell and fluid that comes out of your vagina. Fruits such as oranges, pineapples, and grapes are known to make your . Meanwhile, if you eat too many onions, broccoli, and asparagus, will make your vagina smelling unpleasant.There are five kinds of smells in your vagina. Not all women understand how a normal odor should be in her vagina. Some of them do not even care if the vagina smells bad. Until the severity of the disease increases. Well, if you feel an unpleasant smell, immediately consult a doctor. To be handled quickly. Now you already know the info about Types of Smell on Vagina According to Health that can help and useful for you …

Recognize 5 Types of Smell on Vagina According to Health
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