Read more about Not Normal? 9 Things You Have to Do.Talking about abnormal vaginal discharges often makes panic and fear. Because the vaginal discharge is colored and smelly could be a sign of the growth of bad bacteria, infection in the vagina, and even sexually transmitted disease. Vagina that smells unpleasant also sometimes encourage some to cope with the disorder itself without learning the traits and other things. Some other just do nothing because of confusion and fear.Vaginal Discharge Not NormalIn fact, prevention of vaginal discharge is very important. Maybe you will get scared because many people are talking about the possibilities and meanings of each color of vaginal discharge. We’ll cover five things you can do when the vaginal discharge is colored and smells bad.This article provides information about Things You Have to Do if Vaginal Discharge Not Normal. Let’s see below here.

Things You Have to Do if Vaginal Discharge Not Normal:

Vaginal Discharge Not Normal? 9 Things You Have to Do? Make sure you see the following info carefully, because there are some things you should pay attention to.

Recognize the color and odor of the vaginal discharge

In the previous article, we have already discussed abnormal colors and vaginal discharge signs. Before declaring vaginal discharge normal or not, try to recognize the color of vaginal discharge. Is gray, white milk, yellow, brown, or green. Colors determine the and disorders that occur in the vagina and ovum. Therefore, the color and smell of vaginal discharge is the most important and decisive sign.

Remember what you’ve been doing lately

Women do things to make the vagina clean and fragrant. Some are safe for your vaginal pH and health, some are not. Try to remember, do you use douches, or special soap that contains perfume feminine area? Because both of these can also cause vaginal discharge and vaginal discharge.

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Infections can also occur due to tampons and condoms

If you are actively engaged in and always use condoms, try to check before connecting. Whether there is damage to the condom or not. Flakes of condoms left in the vagina can also harm your health. In addition, a tampon that is too long to ‘nest’ inside your vagina can also make an infection of the vagina.

Herbal medicine

Some women are afraid to go to doctors because they do not want antibiotics or chemicals to cope with vaginal discharge. You can use herbal remedies such as betel leaf water, garlic, and others.

Go to the doctor

Although herbal medicine can be an option, but it’s good you check your health to the doctor’s gynecology. You will be asked what the complaints in detail. In addition, your doctor will probably examine your vagina as well, as well as taking vaginal discharge samples. If needed, your blood will be checked. When you consult a doctor, you should also tell whether you are active in intercourse. Feminine area cleaning products should you convey.

Wipe with baby tissue

If the vaginal discharge is normal, but a little excessive or overwhelming, you need to clean it. Wipe the outside of the vagina with a baby tissue that does not contain fragrances and sterile. Remember to wipe the exterior only, do not get inside because it can adversely affect the vagina and actually increase the amount of vaginal discharge.

Change underwear

vaginal discharge is the body’s way of protecting the vagina from bacteria and maintaining hygiene. Therefore, if you have vaginal discharge, you should keep your personal area clean. Change panties at least three times a day to provide a clean atmosphere down there. This method also helps maintain the hygienic condition of the vagina.

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If the vaginal discharge is too much, let alone get out the panties, do not hesitate to use pantyliner. But do not get used to using pantyliner too often. Use pantyliner only in extreme cases when vaginal discharge is really large and uncontrollable.

Avoid flushing the vagina

This is something that should be avoided and not done. Do not flush the vagina deep unless you are recommended by a doctor to do so. Watering or spraying the vagina deeply will cause the vaginal discharge to become more severe.Those are some things you can do if you have vaginal discharge. The important thing is always to keep the vagina clean every day so that vaginal discharge can be overcome. If vaginal discharge is excessive, odorless, and oddly colored, it is not a normal vaginal discharge and should be seen by a doctor immediately.There are nine things you can do when you know the unnatural vaginal discharge. this unnatural vaginal discharge can indeed make you panic and fear. But do not let you panic and handle it yourself. Because each level of disorder in the female organs must have a drug and how to overcome it.Now you already know the info about Things You Have to Do if Vaginal Discharge Not Normal that can help and useful for you …

Vaginal Discharge Not Normal? 9 Things You Have to Do
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