Read more about 5 Ways to Make in 60 Seconds.Women take a long time to reach orgasm, is it true? According to Emily Nagosky, Ph. D, author of Come As You Are, orgasm in women can be achieved within a minute.Orgasm in women generally lasts for 30 seconds, while to make it to the orgasm takes 60 seconds. It can be concluded you only need 1.5 minutes to make the couple feel satisfied on the bed.Ways to Make Orgasm Women in 60 SecondsThis article provides information about Ways to Make Orgasm Women in 60 Seconds. Let’s see below here.

Ways to Make Orgasm Women in 60 Seconds:

Then what is Ways to Make Orgasm Women in 60 Seconds? Make sure you see the following info carefully, because there are some things you should pay attention to.Emily reveals several ways to get women to reach the point of orgasm within 60 seconds, including:


1. Stimulate the G-Spot

“Stimulating the G-spot can make a woman feel an incredible climax – give a massage to the clitoris, this will give waves of pleasure,” said Emily.Generally the location of female G-spot is 1-2 inches in the vaginal opening, on the front of the vaginal wall.

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2. Temptation

Women are so sensitive to stimuli in sensitive zones. This action will make the woman burning passion and as soon as possible to achieve orgasm.Pay attention to sensitive zones such as neck and . Explore the zone with your lips and tongue, Miss V will immediately wet without having to wait a long time. This is a good time to make an orgasm.

3. Talk naughty

This naughty conversation does feel awkward at first, but it can make your life and your partner better. Naughty vocabulary can make women think more erotic.Start from a conversation by expressing how you feel aroused with him and how great he is on the bed.

4. Foreplay

Never forget foreplay. This will not only make women aroused but also you. Start with your fingers that explore the sensitive zone, then oral sex. Burning passion will make your woman want to make love immediately. Let her do women on top to reach orgasm.

5. 4 important positions

In addition to women on top there are 3 other sex positions that can reach the point of orgasm include:- Doggy styleSex position from behind this makes can penetrate deeper, so friction on the clitoris will be more felt.- ScissorPosition with crossed legs with this X shape will make Mr. P is in direct contact with the G-spot. In addition, if your woman is less aroused, you can play her fingers on her clitoris.- CowgirlThe position of the woman above this, make your partner take control of her satisfaction. Starting from how deep penetration to friction speed on the clitoris.(Daily Star)Now you already know the info about Ways to Make Orgasm Women in 60 Seconds that can help and useful for you …

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5 Ways to Make Orgasm Women in 60 Seconds
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