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Every woman who is born into the world, has a vital female organs called the vagina. Vagina that is hidden and infiltrated make it an area with the highest humidity than other body areas. Therefore, the women are very maintaining the cleanliness of her feminine area in various ways. Starting from a simple way like often change underwear, to make special care for the vagina.wrong Ways To Clean Up The Vagina

In fact, if the vagina is described as a song, maybe he was like a Destiny Child song entitled “Independent Women”. Why? Because the vagina is an independent intimate organ. can cleanse himself. However, ignorance keeps them cleaned and taken care of with expensive and wrong treatment. Yep! Not always vaginal treatments are good for Miss V. Maybe, some of the treatments you’ve done include the wrong in it. Like 4 ways to clean the vagina that had been wrong. Check this one!

This article provides information about Wrong Ways To Clean Up The Vagina. Let’s see below here.

Wrong Ways To Clean Up The Vagina:

Then what is Ways To Clean Up The Vagina That Was Wrong? Make sure you see the following info carefully, because there are some things you should pay attention to.

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Avoid vaginal steam

Steam vagina is one of the treatments that are often done by women to maintain cleanliness. Some women believe that steam or vaginal vapors can cleanse the uterus and balance female hormones. The opposite is revealed by Raquel Dardik, MD, clinical professor at NYU Langone Medical Center Department of obstetrics and gynecologists who argue that steam is not recommended because it will burn the vagina. Wow!

Doing her own vaginal treatment

Maybe you’ve had a problem with the vagina and chose to treat it yourself with a buy cream at the pharmacy because of embarrassment to go to the doctor. Or even you try googling natural ingredients that can cure vaginal diseases then practice it. If you ever do that, you should never do. According to Dardik, natural treatments will only make things worse. Consult your doctor for proper treatment.

Entering a foreign object

There are several methods to clean the vagina. One of them is to put drugs into it. It is a bad choice to clean or cure your vagina. Even if you include sex toys, tampons, or penis, make sure everything is clean. Otherwise, risk serious irritation to your vagina.

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Spray water

Douching is one way to clean the vagina with water and vinegar. This cleansing uses a special tool that is vigorously sprayed onto the vagina. Although the purpose of cleaning, apparently it is dangerous for the vagina. Because, according to Constance Young, MD, an assistant professor at the Columbia University Medical Center department of obstetrics and gynecologists, a spray of water that is too hard straight into the vagina at risk make it vulnerable to infection. So, stay away!

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4 Ways To Clean Up The Vagina That Was Wrong
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