Read more about This is What Happens to a Woman’s Body During when Making Love.The orgasm or peak of sexual pleasure in is usually indicated by ejaculation. But what about women? Some say, women have an orgasm if it feels like wanting to urinate.Women who has found pleasure in making love knowing the sweet sensation of lovemaking. However, every woman is different. Some are fast orgasms and some take time to warm up.What Happens to a Woman's Body During OrgasmSo what is orgasm like? Women will feel the whole body and soul is really amazing. Before orgasm occurs, there are some changes that occur in the female body.This article provides information about What Happens to a Woman’s Body During Orgasm. Let’s see below here.


What Happens to a Woman’s Body During Orgasm:

What Happens to a Woman’s Body During Orgasm? Make sure you see the following info carefully, because there are some things you should pay attention to.This is what happens in the body of women when will reach orgasm

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1. Women are aroused

When a woman is sexually aroused, her heart will beat faster, her breathing faster. The muscles all over her body also became tight, her breasts slightly enlarged, and her nipples tightened. The face, neck, and chest of some women become flushed. And her clitoris enlarged.

2. Lubricants

The will release a natural lubricant that will make intimate relations much more enjoyable. If Miss V is dry, then can be painful.

3. Open labia

Labia will open. Inside, the vagina will become deeper and wider to facilitate penetration. This all happens because the blood moves quickly into the pelvic region and creates a pleasant sensation that warms up the intimate organ area.

4. Passion continues

All the sex-related organs get bigger and all the changes mentioned above become clearer. But, the clitoris becomes 50 percent shorter before it reaches climax.

5. When reaching orgasm

At that moment, the skin of the woman becomes flushed, the muscles throughout her body will continue to contract. Blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing will continue to increase.

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6. Inside Miss V

Women will feel the rhythmic contractions on the outside of the vagina, in the uterus, and in the anus. These pulses occur once every second. A mild orgasm has 3 to 5 pulses, and an intense orgasm has 10 to 15 pulses.(Popsugar)Now you already know the info about What Happens to a Woman’s Body During Orgasm that can help and useful for you …

This is What Happens to a Woman’s Body During Orgasm when Making Love
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